Monday, March 24, 2014



                                                                              Distress signal for help to save Earth–

Helene Smith © copyright 2013
Certified historian and investigative journalist

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched and every rocket fired signifies theft from those who hunger, are cold and unclothed."

–Dwight D. Eisenhower
     The founding fathers of the United States never included the founding mothers.   If this nation had been created egalitarian or even matriarchal, women would not have provoked or committed youth killing wars. There is none so deaf as those who do not hear. Earth-shaking, blasting, shock and awe accumulative explosions are out of their range of comprehension, especially when they send young men and women to sacrifice their lives on archaic battleground alters as burnt offerings.  War is the most lethal serial crime of the world, now ever so powerful in a corporate war economy that sucks on chemical, radioactive munitions that abort, deform and retard  children whose birth right is blown to the winds. The French have a word for instigators of terrorism and violence–bully cretin barbarians whose fixation is to attack, invade and occupy while at the same time attending church and hearing good words of Jesus of Nazareth–"exalted are the peacemakers."
      The United States of America began as British colonies initiated genocide from the beginning with contaminated blankets from smallpox hospitals presented to First Americans as "gifts."    The insidious result was population of indigenous people dropping immediately. With the added attempt of exterminating the American bison (buffaloes), even more First People died since their culture depended upon these animals for sustenance and all their needs.
     Next came sterilization of the original Native Americans whenever they were admitted to hospitals for whatever reason.  This government policy, pegged as WARN, victimized women of "the red nation." The corporate government device of genocide was mandated, negative eugenics to ensure elimination of certain people contributing to the gene pool–initiated by the Aryan breed whose goal was a militant "pure" culture. I know–I'm Aryan through my Swedish grandmother and grandfather.  But the Swedes do not fixate on war.
     The next step of annihilation was atomic testing–proving grounds–along borders of Indian reservations, their last sovereign lands. This form of extermination causes cancer and deformities of the First Nations resulting from toxic chemicals and radioactive nuclear bombs.
     What followed was nuclear waste dumped on "Indian" lands, resulting in more disease, suffering and anguish. During the Vietnam War the deadly dioxin, Agent Orange, was first targeted against American Nations. especially Navajohs,  before the military used this poison to a kill the opposition in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The  herbicide was then dumped all over the world, including millions of barrels in Korea during the new initiated military system called dump and run.  Through 5000 US domestic and foreign military bases, costing taxpayers trillions, land is constantly being contaminated with leaking war fuels, deadly oily petroleum products and emissions–all genocidal.
     North America's largest nuclear waste deposit since WWII is at Hanford, Washington Reservation, which means more contamination of "Indian" lands. Rocky Mountain Arsenal at Denver, Colorado is the lethal site of sarin gas manufacture, one of the Nazi-developed nerve gases, some of which are now used in pesticides. The US exported this catastrophic poison to various nations around the world, illegal and inhumane.  This blatant method of genocide has provoked  pandemic international emergency since infants are being aborted and deformed from these lethal war munitions by soldiers handling arsenals of weaponry passed on genetically to their own offspring generation after generation of war munitions mutations.
     What the world needs now is cease fire against child abuse enforced by humanitarian authority.  Shut off the industrial war faucet responsible for a world of diseases from lethal pollution and toxic war ashes.  Such a world-wide permanent moratorium could stop all wars on Earth, spelled with a capital "E" for respect–if enforcement is used.  No law is effective unless  culprits are penalized.   In the future all nations must clean-up their own contamination to eliminate further child abortions and malformations by banning poisonous, radioactive arsenals of explosives across the board. It is impossible to make war green. You cannot tame a wasp without taking out its sting.
      Attempts to prolong the mighty-might of war munitions only darkens the shadows of sinister stealth and death.  Any bio-fuel is good for domestic purposes, but such cooking oil only fires up more artillery that keeps aggression plodding along with a carbon black boot print all over the land. Munitions are what they are. Attempting to make war environmental ly friendly is audacious foolery.  We pay dearly  to keep illegal wars foaming with madness. Turn off the industrial war faucet responsible for deforming children and causing diseases among all those in contact with toxic war contamination. Holocausts come in different sizes.
     It takes just one nation to take a stand on Earth for enforcing the demise of wars.  One must have courage to buck "rambo" mentality that has intimidating corporate power, what rules with imperial fear.  It takes strong punitive action against industrial war government-run corporations responsible for genetically modified genes that mutate and damage the DNA caused by biological, chemical, radioactive ammunition, and other offenses to the environment and humanity.  Man must heed urgency to end wars, what the two world wars tried to do but failed.  The world must not break laws that protect Earth and its inhabitants from the hell of wars and their biological, chemical, and radioactive missiles. All nations must abide by global law for peace and harmony–the historic Hague Convention's prohibition of asphyxiating war agents of 1899; the1925  Geneva Protocal and 1972 Convention's ban against toxic war munitions; International Law and court of 1948, and International Criminal Court founded in 2002 (ICC). 
     For check and balance, a new federal government division, the Department of Peace Economy and Harmony is quintessential–for all nations.  Such a fresh, new division would have one sole goal–prevention of youth-killing wars.  Professional language experts need to  check for clear international translation and research historians are important for  pointing out inflammatory words such as naming military missiles "Crusaders," a biased word that means cross-bearers and intensifies revengeful aggression. Such an advanced department would be financed with trillions of dollars saved from funds not used for invading, attacking, and occupying foreign nations.
     Additional savings would reduce federal debt as well as funding unbiased education and health care for everyone! Employees would receive generous salaries and wear government uniforms as they are awarded honor medals, ribbons, epaulettes, and perks that the armed forces receive.  They would also deserve to be saluted for their peace efforts and successes.
      For a peace department more women and gays would need to run for important offices to counteract archaic aggressive mentality, a cultural lag as ongoing genocide marches onward to war.  Courageous peace force services would save lives from natural storms and disasters instead of being programmed to hate in order to kill, as war is a hate crime. Bring back America the beautiful from out of death's grip.  Bring back the joyful, caring spirit of freedom and equality for all.
     The military is the largest world gas-guzzler and the chief cause of ocean oil spills. Pandora’s box of conventional missiles and nuclear-chemical arsenals of genocide must be dumped through law and order. War poverty, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods–arise from world-wide man-made genocide¨–an environmental crime as well as crime against humanity.
     As we sing our national anthem and its star-spangled banner, we so proudly hail rockets, red glares bursting in air.  Marching and conquering we must, for lies of leaders we trust, and sing praise for war crime carnage–all committed in “God’s name”–a fool's paradise. Moses conveyed a command–“Thou shalt not kill.” Jihad has two meanings, a struggle that also denotes killing.  However, Muhammad in the Quran refers to the most excellent meaning of Jihad–"the spiritual conquest of the self."  Gandhi, expressed this universal truth in his own way, “The only devils are in our hearts, and that’s where the real battles must be fought."
"Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do to you." When archaic wars fueled by massive weapons of devastation cease, the world's people will cry out in joy while waving flags of all nations as they sing one song with a universal common theme,
When Johnny Comes Marching Home–
               Hurrah! Hurrah!
               The men will cheer
               And the boys will shout,
               The ladies they will all turn out
               And we'll all feel gay
               When Johnny comes
               Marching home!

“The innocence of youth dies quickly, when killing becomes a right of passage . . . to be killed, and maimed and driven crazy by war . . . bumper-sticker bravado with word but not deed is intoxicated by war’s hysteria from a safe distance.”–

–courtesy of Camillo “Mac” Bica, poet, professor of philosophy, Marine member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War