Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Dear Ones,

Man first clubbed his fellow man in a cave.  Then he stoned him on the streets followed by stabbing him. Soon a mixture of carbon, sulfer and salt peter became the obsession.  Black carbon gun powder is accumtive and has been blasting Earth and all kinds of life to an explosive tippping point of carbon destroying the atmosphere we breathe ever since it was invented.  Industrial war economy corporate governments are ongoing  culprits that not only kill all forms of life with lethal chemicals and radioactive ammuo but also abort, deform and retard  the unborn with their birth rights snatched from them–as we, the taxpayers, fund the slaughter that keeps killing genetically one generation after another. 

But the military is fearful of showing these grotesque photos of two-headed cycloped- eyed-babies missing arms and legs and internal organs hanging outside their little bodies.  Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians and many American combat women, too, are afraid of pregnancy caused by handling depleted uranium (UR) bullets forceful  enough to put holes in tanks and other war equipment.  Sadly soldiers sacrifice more than their own lives as burnt offerings on battlefields and urban cities.  They also sacrifice their infants to the archaic gods of wars.

Years ago the Plow Share Nuns tried to send a message for corporate governments to stop this insidious war economy madness that sucks on poisonous ammunition instead of using diplomacy and reasoning power.  I  corresponded with these women when I found out they were in prison.  I stilll have their profound letters written to me when they were incarcerated. 

Those in power read holy books about a god telling them to turn their swords into plowshares and  pruning hooks to start growing crops to feed the world instead of munitions to kill the only planet we know of that sustains all forms of life and gives us nourishment.  The greatest power of all is the sun. Research can light up the entire Earth also supplying modern-day employment for renewable fuel that gives life instead of taking it. Even Alcatraz, now open to the public, is completely powered by natural radiant energy.  Man's real savior is the sun over us all.