Sunday, March 9, 2014


Dear Ones,

A little bit of history of the fundamentalist Tea Party in 2010  held at the Bushy Run Battlefield in Pennsylvania.  I attended one of their meetings out of curiosity.  If anyone is interested to learn what went on there, let me know.  My neighbor and friend went with me.  She was so upset she started to cry and excaimed, "They never taught me this in my church."  We got up and left. 

The following is another thing we heard at the meeting–a new line was introduced to Frances Scott Key's Star Spangled Banner, originally the tune of an English tavern drinking song.  In part its lyrics are, "Then conquer we must, when our cause is is just; and this be our motto, 'In God is Our Trust'–god being a generic, Anglo-Saxon word for deity.

Key, an amateur religious poet, included these words in a letter to a member of Congress, "Christ alone can save you from the sentence of condemnation . . . ."  How must all the other religions, atheists, agnostics and naive chidren of the world feel about one dominating persuasion claiming supsremist control?  Could this absolutist dogma be triggering religious wars that continue to be committed daily around the world, what in turn causes child-deformities, mental difficulties, suicides and military climate warfare from accumulative illegal toxic chemical and radioactive munitions?