Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WAR–Color It Bloody Red

Dear Ones,

When more nurturing women are elected to government administrations wars will cease as diplomacy and accountable negotiaion increase.


“The law of which we are the instruments essays even in the
 midst of carnage to heal the wounds caused by the law of war.”

 –Louis Pasteur, at the opening of Pasteur Institute

“Simple-minded, good natured men with murderous weapons in their hands . . . will march, freeze, hunger, suffer sickness and die from it, or finally  . . . will be slain by the thousands or kill thousands themselves with no reason; men whom they have never seen before, and who neither have done nor could do them any mischief. . .  and soon the men who reaped profit from it all will assert that since there has been a war there must needs have been one, and that other wars must follow, and they will again prepare future generations for a continuance of slaughter, depraving them from their birth

                                                                                           –Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

“There is no safety in war.  I entreat thee for peace.”
                                                              –Virgil, Roman poet born in 70 BCE

Helene Smith © Copyright 2012

“The safest way to arm ourselves is through knowledge. Non-violence trumps violence.”
–Philip E. Montaigne, poet

“There is no safety in war.  I entreat thee for peace.”–Virgil, born in 70 BCE

      War is the world's most lethal serial killer  When the first Persian Gulf War broke out in 1990 my husband and I were in a local restaurant. We were in view of the bar with young men watching TV when breaking news interrupted their sports game.  A bone-chilling shout in unison arose with cheer over US carpet bombing and cruise missiles attacking Iraq. My eyes brimmed over with tears envisioning all the soldiers, innocent children and civilians tortured by ravishes of war. I suddenly realized the danger of propaganda. Sadly, some of the celebrating buddies of those in the bar were among 13 members of the 14th Quartermaster detachment killed in an army barracks, with many wounded. A scud missile hit men and women soldiers working on a purification of water project in Saudi Arabia–the foremost American single tragedy during Desert Storm. For the next ten years I was one of the musicians among several fellow fifers and drummers called upon to help memorialize these brave combatants on each February 25th, until my husband and I moved to a new state.
      Religious, racial wars must be wiped-off planet Earth, spelled with a capital “E” for respect. Vulgar aggression with cluster bombs, nuclear nose-cone missiles, super bombs and chemical/biological weapons of massive devastation are obsolete, unlawful and in need of demolition. The first weapons of mass destruction began through US and Britain man-made germ warfare–infected blankets from hospitals exposed to smallpox patients. In brief, this genocide was extermination of First American nations. New York journalist John O’Sullivan’s “divine” motto in 1845 to promote devastating Western expansion was euphemised as–“Manifest Destination.” The name “tomahawk” missile is alone condescending to traditionalists forced to defend themselves and their land with primitive weapons against European gun power centuries ago. The original indigenous people are still some of the foremost champions concerned over Earth and its people, especially with a transcontinental oil pile line threatening to run through their original sovereign lands and affecting other Americans as well negatively with Canadian oil refined in ghe US through contaminants and cancerous emissions. 
Modern-day germ warfare, gassed millions of children and their parents as the winds of war carried chemical and biological weapons around the world after being shipped to scientists in Iraq, which later was the source for the deaths of Kurds in Iraq and Iranians?  Those in power knew Saddam Hussein was a psychopath and would be blamed, as gassed civilians died immediately–“babies at the breasts of nursing mothers and parents holding their children’s hands, frozen on the spot” from US poisons and helicopters given to Iraqis who sprayed genocidal toxicants all over the people like rain. The exporters, genocidal accomplices, also knew the 1925 Geneva Convention banned such sinister warfare, including incendiary napalm and white phosphorus used on sad victims of Fallujah. The US military bombed Fallujah, Iraq–the Tigris-Euphrates Valley, “Cradle of Civilization–as the Brits also tried to squirm out of the slaughter. The army took over a school for its headquarters as the residents protested. Imbedded journalists were paid to write only what the US permitted–a free-for-all target for massacre, after the Gulf War president heard the “voice of God” telling him to attack and occupy the country, even though a leader of Afhanistan offered to incarcerate Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden blamed for the US 9-11-01 atrocity and bring him before International Court. Meanwhile, there were a million youths killed in Iraq and Afghanistan streets and in refuge camps with children the first to die from lack of food and water as these nations were fire-bombed as its infrastructure and environment were devastated with barbarity under the leadership of the same. administration. People were torched unmercifully with orphans and refugees crying out, “Mumma” and “Dadda”–suffering from flames of pollution–words of an Iraqi woman who lost her husband and sons even though her nation had no weapons of mass destruction or did no harm to Americans. Unlawful US white phosphorus and napalm jelly, though banned by the United Nations in 1980. No ambulances were allowed to help victims of nuclear nosecones missiles and “depleted” uranium  (DU) causing genetic mutations. deformities and mental retardation–hot pollution aftermath affecting soldiers’ children in America as well. Within these ravishes of war, US tricycles were sent as a good will peace offering. How in any god’s name were little tots supposed to ride over a savagely-bombed city exploded into rough war debris: burning chemicals, broken glass, corpses and carcasses of humans beings and animals alike; sharp tetanus causing nails and spikes; chunks of concrete from bombed out buildings; rotting waste and garbage, and polluted water. Ironically, the wheels from these tricycles ended up on make-shift wheelchairs for the small crippled bodies of the victims. The only full news came from Free Speech TV through courageous broadcast journalists such as Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez as well as Thom Hartmann, all writers of non-fiction books. Al Jazeera also covered these tragedies. 
Meanwhile in complex global associations a nation claiming Judeo-Christian privilege has enough nuclear power to blow up the entire planet! Its precious Mesopotamian artifacts and one-of-the-kind invaluable historical scrolls and manuscripts are a loss to the entire world–all for unjust, double standards as dangerous as bombs.  A multitude of world quotes cover this reprehensible act of war. What happened with the Jewish people under the Nazi regime predated the forthcoming atrocities against the Kurdistans (originally Indo-Europeans now states divided among Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria) and the Iranians, all who are still being treated unfairly. As Premiere Jawaharial Nehru (1947-64) of India in prison wrote–“Defensive nationalism turns into aggressive nationalism and a struggle for freedom becomes a struggle to dominate others”–often in the name of messianic ideologies. Excessive patriarchal nationalism, a step away from fascism, the base of radical right wing–might is right, versus Abraham Lincoln’s–right is might., is dangerous when bully, fearful mindsets are in control. For instance, dropping nuclear bombs on Japan was not needed since that nation had previously sent a message that they were ready to surrender. This nuclear test on human beings was the most diabolical horror the United States ever committed–as WWII General Mark Clark admitted the bombs were tested on Japan to justify all the trillions of dollars spent on developing nuclear devastating power.
      The US Pentagon, world’s largest office building along with its mighty superpower, was attacked along with New York City’s Twin Tower World Trade Center that tragically fell like a crashed elevator to the ground September 11, 2001, a crime of the worst kind, done without any manufactured nuclear bomb or conventional arsenals of mass destruction. The cause is known and documented but seldom discussed, although singer, pacifist Tony Bennett, WW II draftee into the infantry who fought in the Battle of the Bulge of the Bulge, courageously and discouragingly said the US caused the horrible attack. The entire world saw a message scroll across its TV screens forewarning the US if it doesn’t get its pollutive, leaking military bases out of Saudi Arabia something terrible is going to happen to Washington and New York City. But the 2001 administration, that so lacked negotiation skills and a sense of history, also received a similar message in writing, as it openly ignored it and refused to address the complaint, as the fearful president left the capital city to go to Florida to read a children’s book in a kindergarten class. As a historian I had researched what led up to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, calling senators and representatives to ask why. One of the politicians said in astonishment, “You mean it was the Saudis instead of the Iraqis who attacked us in “9-ll!”  The president later admitted his mistake in invading Iraq, sadly commemorated in the phase "911", after four thousands Americans died plus untold numbers from diseases caused by the pollution.
Saddam Hussein himself and even his statue with a US flag wrapped around its head and in a noose symbolically were topple, typical of archaic conquest.  He was no picnic, but those who attacked him were no picnic baskets either, as nations export and import warfare to one another while changing sides with the fickle flick of the flight of a flee as ammunition returns to senders in war fallout and revengeful generational blow back from sons and grandsons remembering "the Fallujah" much like "Remember the Alamo" as history records itself. America’s 9-ll holocaust was followed by vengeance–caused by the original military base vengeance–in more loss of American lives and bombing of millions of people from Irag and Afghanistan that had nothing to do with the disaster! One leader of the latter nation offered to arrest and prosecute the culprit through due process of law and incarcerate him for the atrocity–but the US administration preferred to bomb millions of people under the deceit of bringing one man to justice–even though they would never tolerate foreign bases in America, with the succeeding president having Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden without total primitive war.
Founding fathers George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine, to name a few, would never condone such high-powered diabolical activity. America the beautiful with good morals has become a monster of war torture and religious-influenced terrorism–not the millions of good people, but through sinister warlord behavior.  Arundati Roy, Indian author, said, “Torture has become privatized . . . but who are these torturers accountable to?”  Besides, sprayed chemical, biological and mustard gas toxicants always boomerang back to the war wagers with sacrificed soldiers handling deadly poisons also poisoned for life.
It’s not the genocidal weapons that kill, it’s the bloody firepower in the ammunition and in the contaminants forced into the atmosphere–spent bullet souvenirs in foreign lands engraved with US. Henry Shrapnel’s deadly cannon ball invention in 1784 continues to be manufactured as deadly bunker, buster bombs, while land and sea mines keep barbarity in the aftermath of war.
Rome fell from military forces spread all across western Europe in foreign camps–too much cost for Pyrrhic wars. Military and drone bases are an extravagant affront, with man’s insatiable greed for natural resources instead of spending research money on alternative means of energy–an offensive act and insult to sovereign, self-respecting nations. Drones are a continuation of religio-totalitarian war, also illegal.  On the other hand and foot, in the long run of history perhaps airplanes with robot minds represent the weaning of people off savage war–instead of millions killed, now less loss of life until man finally realizes absolute might is not right. But this is idealistic thinking, since man will never give up wars unless more nurturing women are elected to administrations of the future. Aggression is absolutely corrupt as it gives power to one man to assassinate, a dangerous strategy that can also boomerang. What makes us happy is loving compassion for others? Everyone loves a lover. 
      Any tyrannical bully can order production of enough piles of money, sky-high mountains of tanks, cannons and massive macho bases policing the planet–enough to see from outer space–but surprise attack trumps all arsenals.  No amount of gunpowder or power can make any nation safe from the unknown as it boasts as being the most gun and weapons powered nation, policing itself over all other nations. In the game of war, nobody likes a bully. Surprise attack’s force is in its surprise!–why making friends is safer than making enemies. General George Patton, “Old blood and guts,” reputedly killed for his knowledge about US secrets, said–“When you least expect it someone comes up from behind and hits you in the back with a bag of shit!” It came from one of his own army trucks whose driver was reputedly commanded to kill him during the 1945 administration.
General Edward Braddock’s British army of “redcoat colonials” tried to defeat the French headquartered at Fort Duquesne during the 1755 Battle of the Monongahela at Pittsburgh while First Americans aided the French by hiding behind camouflaging trees as they picked off the imported British soldiers in bright uniforms.  It was West Point that studied the indigenous people for their camouflage, stealth and surprise attack defense. (Due to the wisdom of the first residents in the United States defending their sovereign human rights, my hope is for a president in the near future to be a traditionalist indigenous native who represents America’s first spirituality and whose concern is for Earth’s environment instead of bully power,)  When a nation hates another nation for its strong-arming, deceitful arrogant ways, it will always draw firepower, with innocent children dying and maimed for the longest amount of time.
      SOLUTION: If only America could reclaim its glory and lend a helping hand instead of a brutal boot. Peace economies preserve life; war economies kill life. The United States or some accountable nation must show the way in turning its war department into a powerful well-paying Peace Department of Defense that enforces laws against aggression. If it would train well its brave uniformed service forces as medics and aides on the home front it could help in greater numbers victims caused by nature’s increased calamities. Its leaders, instead of being afflicted with war paranoia from inner weakness and fear, could be strong powerful patterns to follow as other nations would soon follow suit in the pursuit of international harmony. All youths could remain in their homelands with their spouses to raise their children instead of losing their lives and being handicapped from foreign wars for life–what Washington and Madison warned against.
      The time is ripe for harvesting spring harmony instead of bombs. The competition could be brains–intelligent contests–that could produce the best professional arbitrators to settle world problems through diplomacy, communication and serious rhetoric for equal justice for all, with teachers and students involved in similar debates in schools as they, too, learned what laws and their enforcement was all about. As Winston Churchill advised, “More jaw, jaw instead of war, war!”–as we add "more ear, ear" to his words of wisdom. Why aren’t international administrations prosecuted. Those armed out of fear with futile nuclear genocidal exterminators threaten with satanical nuclear bombs and radioactive missiles affecting the world at large.  If these monstrosities were used in a world holocaust, international environment and its people would go up in toxic flames and fumes smothering forms of life–WW III, with no intelligence left behind to record the religio-political holocaust of smoke and ashes. Annihilation of sports' warfare could come true–all rained out due to nuclear fallout.
      Today cyber wars are the new criminals on the world’s streets. They are the worst problems on the horizon that need to have immediate attention since internet technology in demoniac hands can do more damage than nuclear high-powered weaponry ready for museums.  But this can not be done in secrecy to keep the public uniformed. Whistle-blowers are now Earth's vanguards. Instead of keeping the people ignorant they provide invaluable news by alerting the populace to fraud and paranoid over indulgence.  No one likes to be dumbed-down by misdirected force.
      It’s time for a vote–a world vote of Earth’s people, instead of dictators, oligarchies, plutocrats and corporate false democracies running a roulette game of war against the cries and will of the people detesting wars. All primitive nations believed they were the chosen ones. We are all chosen–one undivided people on Earth whose main goal is to prevent us from killing each other! We are our own worst enemies. So little time is left in each of our lives for happiness versus unnecessary grief–the definition of war. Jamie Kellner, Chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System (when I met him), and its founder Ted Turner, also founder of CNN, expressed similar ideals concerning racism and wars.  Turner said, “It’s time to put world conflict behind us and move on, and start acting like civilized, educated human beings”–especially since the alarming increase of soldiers committing suicide is an alarming  sign of how ferocious wars really are–young people sacrificed for fighting old-men wars pushed to the brink of taking their own lives. When urban wars make carnage out of youths all over the world, they become Trojan Horses within–self-inflicted deaths of our most precious treasures–lives of young people in return for spoils of war–oil, uranium, power and control. It’s time to quit the suicide race. Give up the hobbyhorse, man’s endless rocking-Earth pursuit of death on a merry-go-round whirlwind with victors also the victims. Racist “God made me do it” war is a dinosaur left over from the sacrificial past as it eats the hearts out of all war-torn youths, as archaic as pedophile churches preaching everyone is going to burn in hell's fire except members of one absolutist belief system! Sadly, America’s worst serial crime is attacking defenseless nations of defenseless people, especially children–a bloody religio-political ongoing atrocity that is run by vampire corporations bloodsucking on the corpses of the world’s youths.
      Albert Einstien stated, "Killing under the cloak of war is murder!" Who is more imbued with real intelligence and compassion–Einstein or a corporately controlled government committing unlawful genocidal wars by sacrificing youths to die and be maimed for life and babies born deformed?  What parent in shock and awe wants to see their baby having eyes resembling Cyclops, missing arms and legs and other monstrous deformities from illegal bio/chemical poisons. And who wants to die from cancerous Agent Orange originally sprayed on First American reservations and later on Vietnam and Korea where hundreds of barrels are now leaking birth-defective contaminants.

“A hundred teen-age boys picked out of mud, zipped into plastic bags and air-mailed home to Mom . . . comrades bones unburied . . . one hundred thousands tons of TNT vaporized Vietnam cities, their forests defoliated, farmland poisoned forever, ditches full of screaming children . . . land once green and graceful . . . charred and gutted–not even a bird would sing there again. . . . If we ever thought of the wreckage of our unnatural acts, we would never sleep again without dreaming a rain of fire.”

–courtesy of Philip Appleman, excerpts from his poems; American Humanist award winner; served in U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Merchant Marine Corps, author of Twelfth Year of War

“There is no safety in war.  I entreat thee for peace.”
                                                            –Virgil, Roman poet born in 70 BCE

“War does not determine who is right–but only who is left.”–Bertrand Russell, English historian and philosopher