Saturday, March 15, 2014


Dear Ones,

Good the people of Earth are so concerned over one another in a world of diverse problems on land, sea and air.  May we keep up this compassion for others.  Any good deed gives happiness to all those concerned.

Meanwhile, history is still recording the dangerous zones of Earth, capitlaized for respect.


                                                               Helene Smith © copyright 2013

–Earth's Greatest Enemy

       Sophocles–Greek playwright of tragedies–wrote, “War loves to seek its victims in the young." Aggression also steals other people's sovereign lands. The following essay is written to share broader knowledge gleaned from sixty years of in-depth research on centuries of accumulative lethal munitions–what the media often squelches for military political power in taking over land, not for benefit of Indians and ranchers who knew they were sick from the contamination, but for local tourists passing through their lands. 
Government proving grounds–over 1000 atomic bomb explosions from US toxicants–result in sterile craters on Earth.  Malformed, maimed children suffer the longest period of time under the carbon boot of war–unless their mutilated bodies are aborted–a sad scenario of the lives of many traditionalist First Americans living on the last remnants of their land, now contaminated in many areas from industrial war activity along reservation borders and within the territories as well. Deceit of land confiscation through "eminent domain" has less clout than treaty, the highest law of the land with over 400 US treaties broken against First American nations.
Reservation uranium, coal, gas, and other natural resources are stolen from indigenous people for war purposes in the "Land of the free"–for some and not for others. National aggression continues to take its toll in poverty and ill health from devastating  industrial wars and their waste.
Years ago the US Army incarcerated and forced indigenous people to remain on their own land that the unelected Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) took over, against Constitutional rights, to keep the original owners separate from colonial immigrant settlers–out of sight, out of mind. This atrocity resulted in growing numbers of “Indians" persecuted with birth defects for being in the way from theft of their own native land. (see Conquest, by Andrea Smith).
The nation's first biological warfare was used against First Americans. This violation occurred when British and American 18th century officials presented them with  infected blankets from smallpox hospitals as "gifts" for extermination. Besides attempted extinction of American bison, their mainstay, nuclear age testing of atomic bombs near their last sovereign territories was the next step in intentional genocide. Infiltrated lands are soaked in toxic radiation and an atmosphere polluted with poisonous emissions. Lands bordering reservations were marked in atlases for years as DANGER ZONES. Residents trapped in modern warfare were at risk of sterility from lethal explosives and from handling uranium in mines or being close to mutating birth defecting munitions.
  The next blow was feds targeting reservations for dumping hazardous chemical and radioactive waste. Nuclear waste products include raffinate–fertilizer used o indigenous people. Then when the original people thought all the decimation and genocide was over–leaving less than two percent traditionalists within the United States–more tragedy struck them in the 1960s and 70s. The federal government prevented "Indian" women from having children without their knowledge. Whenever First Americans were admitted to hospitals for whatever reason, under the Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) program, they were sterilized. This ethnic organized "ethnic cleansing" was disclosed by "Indian" doctors and a study of “red” nation women called WARN, later exposed by Senator James Abourezk to Congress. Puerto Rican women were victims, too, sterilized in Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut hospitals. Dark complexioned women were also given experimental birth control pills before they were safe for the public. 
While investigating a pesticide poisoning on First Nations alnd I stood with the son of a traditionalist American Indian chief on his Western property.  He told me his land was made sterile by the chemicals from the BIA in the Department of the Interior–what lead to toxic reactions documented with photos after a sacred ritual (see The Shoshone-Bannock Sundance Poisoning, involving cancerous chemicals and raffinate.) I was intimidated in my research by the chemical producer of this agent from eastern United States when I contacted him.
Nevertheless, I continued my work by contacting the EPA. They told me there was nothing detrimental with the chemicals. After a delay of about 20 years the BIA sent  me a letter with the same result.  But I deduced in the beginning of my investigation the agent was poisonous to humans and animals. In recent years Tennessee has documented similar environmental problems with the same detrimental pesticide. Many others as well are being uncovered in alarming rates, especially with bee colonies dying out, what is quintessential for agriculture.  The EPA after all this time finally admits that the pesticide is highly toxic and cancerous, causing blisters and headaches just as First Nation residents told me and showed me–with photographs proving the toxicity of the chemical used on indigenous lands harming all life.
During WWI and II Nazi-invented nerve gases were used as chemical warfare internationally, with surplus made for commercial pesticides in the aftermath. As a result Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's and Hodgkin's diseases plague Earth as well as war carcinogens, with soldiers affected in alarming numbers from pesticide and herbicide fumigants as well as brain trauma from abusive combat.
Deadly dioxin herbicide, Agent Orange, was first used against American "Indians" and later sprayed during the Vietnam War that caused defoliated vegetation and death to human beings and all life. Lethal fallout from both Gulf wars caused Vietnam sickness among soldiers in contact with this toxicant, covered up for years. During that time the US government secretly and illegally bombed Cambodia and Laos–denied by authoritarians for decades. During that war the carpet-bombing covered Laos from 1964-1973, when the army pulled out. Pilots dropped millions of cluster bomblets on citizens, 98% of the population, mostly kids–killed and maimed–30,000 casualties with more than 20,000 more from unexploded munitions during the aftermath. This diabolical onslaught, in an undeveloped nation that war disgraced with abject poverty, is documented as "the most bombed country in world history." Holocausts come in all sizes. Besides the tragedy of innocent people massacred, it cost American taxpayers billions.  Laos, cursed by the targeted bombed-out Ho Chi Minh Trail running through it, is still under siege by thousands of un-detonated, bomblets blowing off limbs and blinding youths.
An all-woman team continues to clean up devastation after forty years, with loss of limbs and eyesight a regular tragedy whenever anyone steps on one of the live ammunition that had burst out of shattered shells–particularly amongcurious kids.  (Henry Shrapnel invented shrapnel in 1784, although an early form was used in the 1400s in Constantinople.) This demonic ammunition still causes excruciating military and civilian suffering, escalating to supersonic radioactive missiles. There is so much war debris left over in Laos that bomb metal is still supplying a national recycling industry! 
On the same trail the US Army seeded clouds to prolong the monsoon season to stop Vietnam War opposition supplies from getting through to the lines.  Now micro-magnetic manipulation of the weather through climate warfare has the potential of destroying economies of nations, with imperialistic global weather going out of control in an attempt to own the atmosphere and play god­–changed freakish weather. In the meantime, lethal chemicals and radioactive munitions as well as climate warfare being illicit, continue to plaque the globe.
Government-hired nuclear physicists working on the Manhattan Project opposed use of nuclear bomb warfare. American and British military officials said "it was not necessary to drop nuclear bombs on Japan," already defeated with 200,000 carpet bomb deaths added to 180,000 dead civilians from bombs that President Truman called "gadgets." Meanwhile, seven H-bombs were haphazardly dropped into hot ocean water, among lost radioactive submarines and outdated ones intentionally dumped into seas and all leaking hot munitions.
The First Persian Gulf War when Iraq attacked Iran (1980-88) with US weaponry and intelligence given to Saddam Hussein, was the most incriminating chemical raid in Earth's history. (Iraq's arsenal held imported sarin nerve gas.) During these invasions, attacks, and occupations of Iraq 500,000 children died from sanctions that make citizens suffer. Matt Taibbi, journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine, wrote, "Who has the right to make any child starve in war?"
When first soldiers returned from the second Persian Gulf War, what the military 2003 called "shock and awe"–electrifying disaster that jarred and distressed the entire world–I was asked to take part in a fife and drum trio in a service honoring severely wounded veterans for life. Not one eye was dry when two young honored veterans walked to the pulpit to share their experiences. During a reception in the church basement we met the wounded. When I shook the hand of the youngest one, it felt like the hand of a kid. He was blind and one of his legs had been ripped off from combat. Later I went to see how he was doing. When I inquired which house was his, a village resident sobbed "Oh, Danny hanged himself."
From ghostly shadows another sad memory flashed before my eyes.  My husband and I were dining out in 1992 when a group of young men watching TV in an adjacent bar cheered loudly.  The US was invading Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.  Tears ran down my face.  I knew friends that never came back from Vietnam and Korea. Yet I still have my Junior Commandoes blue and white eagle badge from WWII, continuation of WWI conflagration–the second global man-made atrocity, what I supported as a youth.  When I was a child, I thought like a child, but as a woman my outlook on life changed.
 Meanwhile my childhood friends and I had gathered rags, newspapers, bacon grease and milkweed pods, the latter for navy lifejackets. We also planted victory gardens which were productive and needed especially for today in the form of unadulterated food. Scrap metal was useful, but for the most part all the piles of war goods collected for morale boosters "went overboard" as organized pollution. We later learned this activity was mostly for psychological and patriotic purposes of war propaganda.
But getting back to the young men laughing and exalting over war in the bar, they had no idea some of their buddies in Greensburg, Pennsylvania would never come back–over 30 wounded and 13 killed while purifying water when a bomb landed on them, the 14th Quartermaster Detachment–the worse collective US tragedy of its kind in that war.
    In those years US-led troops in Baghdad and Fallujah, Iraq sprayed kids and adults with dangerous white phosphorus ("white pete") that burns, as does burn-to-the bone napalm. "Depleted" uranium  (DU) was also used to dispose of nuclear war waste.  This irradiated contaminant made into bullets powerful enough to blowholes in tanks, also aborts and deforms babies in mothers wombs through mutated, damaged genetic DNA, as "spent" congenital ammunition keeps killing one generation to the next. Diabolical brews of chemical child-deforming toxicants causing millions of deaths sprayed from helicopters over Iraq and Afghanistan were committed against countries that never attacked the United States. Violations of the 1899 Hague Declaration Concerning Asphyxiating Gasses and the 1907 Hague Convention on Land Warfare is still an abomination. These poisons the Geneva Protocol had outlawed in 1925, and again in 1993.
The world's largest outdoor concentration zone is the Gaza Strip where Palestinians are confined on their own land–ancient Semitic Palestine, later a death camp, with sanctions oppressing nations for material gains as children are again the first to die. Nefarious aggression never helped any war-torn, occupied country whose inhabitants grieve and endure results of burnt offering mindsets. Even today politicians take pride in soldiers "sacrificing young lives" on battlefield alters–a carry over from ancient youth sacraments–burnt offerings–to appease the gods. Many of the committers of youth-killing wars never experience "contaminated boots on the ground"–anguish from blowback winds of fire.
During present urban street warfare outlawed by International Court, International Criminal Court (ICC founded in 2002), and the Convention for Children's Rights, kids especially from underdeveloped nations are killed, starved or end up as refugees.
Besides war, America's number one killer is now suicide, a byproduct of war.  Modern wars not only maim and kill combat soldiers, but also those manning robotic drones from centers out of harms way.  Military personal, too, commit suicide after witnessing on cold computer monitors piles of butchered human flesh.
Young people very early became war fodder on battlefields for hawkish warlords. So stressed out by combat nightmares, soldiers also take their own lives. Drone warfare may be keeping flame-flowing wars down to a roar, but they prolong aggression resulting from failure to negotiate. All ammunition brings great sorrow and grief to families left in the toxic smoke. Einstein called aggression "murder under the cloak of war"–that spreads terrorism, violence and generations of revenge. 
Women in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran have been traumatized by endless war. They are afraid to get pregnant, as well as combat mothers in America and other combatant nations. Bob Dylan wrote profound lyrics for his song Masters of War,

"You've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world–for threatening my baby unborn and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

  Aborted genocide deformities is now a pandemic of atrocities during satanic prolongation of war.  War is the world's worst serial killer–infants with contorted bodies; disfigured faces; missing eyes, arms and legs, and even having two-heads–caused by draconian munitions and poisonous emissions. Damaged ecology also produces two-headed, multiple legged frogs. In combat where fathers and sons are killed, the women giving birth at home are left to bury their babies–with no statistical records. Young people have always been the brunt of brutality. The US is also the largest supplier of torture devices and incarcerates more people–often from racial discrepancies–than any other nation as it builds more prisons than schools.
Political protesters and whistle-blowers exposing historical abuse are hunted down like animals, civil rights activists striving for the sanity of equality, such as Wounded Knee II American Indian Leonard Peltier, whom the feds illegally imprisoned for over 37 year and never given pardon. Assata Shakur, an African woman also incarcerated, is a freedom fighter against government persecution and empowerment, plus all present heroes exposing wrongdoing.
Fanatical extremists continue to kill one another in an Abrahamic circle-of-contamination, on-going revenge among three original Semitic religions slaying their own family's sons and daughters. They are all related to each other, many to Jesus of Nazareth in Israel.  Jesus who loved children walked on the road to Damascus in Syria as slaughtered embattling youths are now wasted on the same streets of the city.
Besides foreign cities bombed to the ground, US armed forces has over 5000 leaking, polluted military bases costing trillions to build and maintain–the reason why New York and Washington, DC were bombed September 11, 2001, a tragedy that led to the killing of millions of lives.  Although the warning was announced on worldwide TV, the new administration ignored the warning.
In a gun shell, in the game of folly, industrial corporate military bases contaminate worldwide. Hanford, Washington is the largest nuclear waste dump of the Americas. As I write, it is in danger of contaminating the Columbia River and Oregon as well.  Some authorities fear explosion. Irresponsible, reckless men continue to command primitive slaughter instead of peace negotiations through enforcement and punitive measures for International Law already in force–but not enforced.
Both the US and USSR maintained sarin gas ammunition in the Cold War, in an export, import market of lethal trade. The oldest dump of this kind is the Rocky Mountain Repository in Denver, Colorado where wells were drilled in unstable rock–what caused multiple earthquakes, as it happens with "fracturing"–euphemism for drilling natural gas in shale with lethal chemicals polluting water. Industrial war exporters of "chiller theater" chemicals are bad actors in the theater of war, staged by world-wide factories spewing out black cloud emissions daily. Accumulative hot war explosives cause earthquakes in turn triggering volcanoes and tsunamis, with "daughter" Krakakoa in Indonesia ready to erupt again after the 1883 holocaust causing deaths of thousands of people.
Today between deadly toxicants of radioactive and chemical war munitions and their deadly waste contaminating a war-torn Earth–we exuberantly sing our national anthem and wave our star-spangled banner. So proudly we hail rockets, red glares bursting in air. Marching and conquering we must, for lies of leaders we trust, and sing praise for war crime carnage–all committed in “God’s name.” I love America and its people, but corrupt politicians drag the US down to its knees.  The vast Roman Empire ceased from its military sending most of its treasury that circled the drain and made a waterfalls out of it.
Moses conveyed a command–“Thou shalt not kill.” Jihad has two meanings, a struggle that also denotes killing. But Muhammad in the Quran refers to the most humane meaning of jihad–"the spiritual conquest of the self." Gandhi expressed this universal truth in his own way, “The only devils are in our hearts, and that’s where the real battles must be fought"–to quell immoral madness of men. Unfortunately radical religionists twist wisdom of prophets into excuses for retaliation in the form of endless war pollution. Abraham Lincoln said, "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."
Great world American Indian prophets. Buddha, Jesus from Nazareth, Mohammed, the Dali Llama are worshipped as heroes. Mother Teresa from Macedonia and Amma, "Mother of India" with her universal hug are also adored by the world. Great men such as Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dali Lama and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are worshipped as top world's leaders. These so-called people of dark complexioned represent non-violent peace-makers. Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus taught the world's most powerful defense for peace–"Do not do unto others what you don't want others to do to you," as Jesus said, "Blessed are the peace-makers.  People in power who actual bring about international peace will be the real everlasting saviors of Mother Earth, capitalized for respect.  And by the way, why aren't any First Americans being primed for a future US president since indigenous people care so much for nature and ecology?
The world is still anguishing for relief from war ammo that causes birth defect embryos passed from parent to child. There's an old axiom that questions, "Why not pick on someone your own age?" –also referring to youths sacrificing their lives for political leaders' gain. Alfred, Lord Tennyson's wishful thinking for the end of international aggression is best expressed–"Till the war drum throbs no longer, and battle flags are furled." Sadly militant destructive forces have turned our planet into a blazing DANGER ZONE of Death!  War is a four-lettered word called gory, not glory.
So what is the verdict?  Do we sit down and sizzle in deadly carnage and toxic industrial war emissions? We may run, but toxic emissions will always catch us–at sea, in the air, and on land–unless we all together stand our ground on Earth, our only sustenance, to protect the only planet we know of having life.  Virgil, born in 70 BCE wrote, "There is no safety in war."

 “The innocence of youth dies quickly, when killing becomes a right of passage . . . to be killed, and maimed and driven crazy by war . . . bumper-sticker bravado with word but not deed is intoxicated by war’s hysteria from a safe distance.”–

–courtesy of Camillo “Mac” Bica, poet, professor of philosophy, Marine member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

"Among things we teach the young are truths–the value of the individual and dignity of all people . . . and the futility and stupidity of war, mankind's' most tragic folly.  The world is spending the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is [the same price of] a modern brick school in more than 30 cities!"

       –Dwight D. Eisenhower