Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We all have different opinions about war and peace.

"Good-natured men with murderous weapons in their hands . . . will march, freeze, hunger, suffer sickness and die from  it by the thousands or kill thousands themselves with no reason . . . other wars will follow, and they will again prepare future generations for a continuance of slaughter, depraving them from their birth."

                                                                                                            –Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
Dear Ones,

Virgil, born in 70 B.C.E., wrote "There is no safety in war."  The military has added another missile to Pandora's Box of horrors–U.S. predator drones that cause boomerang revenge–half a century of secret armed drones targeted for assassination bombings. Young men are angry when their families are killed, thus counter attacks more than threats.  The Bush-Cheny administration escalated their use and are now ingrained in the military heading for an all out drone war with Americans seemingly not caring.  But there is power in the majority who want an immediate moratorium on these people  killers now, along with the cease of war with negotiation and communication taking its place.

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peace and peace of mind

                                                                   MILITARY DRONES
                                                             Helene Smith copyrighted 2007

            The Bush Administration initiated unmanned drones for assassination that targets non-combatants, too.  Once a military device gets entrenched in armies, it's almost impossible to stop them, although the Obama Administration is eliminating these bush-bombs a little at a time.  But once the camel gets its nose into the tent flap, it's in like Flynn. These latest toxic munitions for prolonging satanic wars are very appropriately called  "people killer's."  Drones may keep wars down to a roar, however all ammo not only kill those targeted but also civilians and their ecological sites suffer in death and contamination. Drones only keep wars running.  We can be proud of the present administration when it seeks diplomatic negotiation instead of aggression in 2014, as did President Jimmy Carter.  Wars are not sacred cows.  The so called genii can be put back into the bottle because war is no genii. Drones carry illicit lethal chemicals that go on killing.  Industrial corporate government is very much at fault as it fuels an endless war economy. 
           When an army halts the manufacture of tanks, the government often demands more tanks for stockpile with corporations becoming wealthy through graft and corruption.  The ruse of socialism for making excess tanks is cranked out at the expense of taxpayers' funds.  How about funds for health care instead. This demonic  fixation flies in the face of any peace economy–the choice that the majority of the world population has prayed for–over centuries of time–with warmongers preventing prayers from being answered.  In a peace economy that saves trillions of funds, employees are not under risk of their lives in battle and ammunition plants.   With the money saved in lieu of war, funds then are available for education in unbiased secular colleges and trade schools where youths don't have to be recruited as chess pons in a game of aggression annihilated by war machines.
             It's not guns that kill, its lethal ammunition that causes multiple deaths in many aspects. Besides provoking the worst serial crime in the world the military is the largest gas and oil guzzlers that also produce the most carbon in gunpowder and CO2. Weapons do more than extinguish all kinds of life.  Lethal munitions go on killing in wombs where spent ammunition gets into the DNA that continues to maim and kill genetically one generation after another in an endless aftermath of aggression. 
            Right off the bat, International Law outlaws toxic chemical/radioactive munitions.  In the past these human and ecological contaminants have been used on battlefields, but in modern times the satanic slaughter takes place in urban cities where children and people work and shop and are murdered along with the combatants.  Other laws also protect children as wars are banned from modern war zones since little kids are often the victims.  These sad deaths are stacked up under the military euphemism–"civilian collateral damage."
              Deadly munitions are outlawed because the atrocities cause grotesque embryos, miscarriages and deformities in children of combatant soldiers who handle lethal weapons and herbicides such as Agent Orange and depleted uranium (D)–volatile genetic, genocidal emissions known for decades as causing birth defects. War-born infants are deformed in multiple ways, besides Cyclops eyes.  Toxic munitions damage genetic material in cells, uncontrolled growth initiating mutations with infants even poisoned from breastfeeding. Women in Fallujah, Iraq–illegally bombed to the ground by US troops multiple times– include chemicals such as white phosphorus and burn-to-the napalm, besides all the other run-of-the mill contaminants. 
              Women today are terrified by pregnancy, especially those giving birth to war-torn babies without heads, brains or faces, organs formed outside their little bodies, cleft pallets, elongated heads resembling children suffering from age-disease progeria, scaly thin skin exposing veins, and some infants with two heads. How can any warmonger be proud of such a grotesque war economy?  Bob Dylan's heart-wrenching lyrics from his song, Masters of War, reflects diabolical invasion, attack and occupation:

"You've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world, for threatening my baby unborn and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

            Genocidal health hazards in the form of hot explosions also vibrate and penetrate Earth deep into the ground–especially from military climate warfare that manipulates and plays god with global weather through electromagnetic and laser beams.  Thus this Earth-shaking dangerous domino outcome provokes hot earthquakes that trigger volcanic eruptions what in turn bring on tsunamis, together with lethal chemical/radioactive munitions.
       Besides the human and animal slaughter, illicit munitions also cause nightmares among drone operators in stations out of harms way.  Many of these soldiers also commit suicide from having to view the gore and blood of slaughter on cold screens great distances away. As a result suicide is now number one cause of death in America with an alarming increase of soldiers taking their own lives.  According to statistics 18 soldiers commit suicide a day in America–from youth killing wars. How can we the people not stand our ground–the good Earth–when it comes to infant and young soldiers losing their lives in needless, futile wars?