Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AMERICA'S ORIGINAL TRIBES–First Nations Within One Nation

Dear Ones,

Since first writers of American "Indian" history presented only one side of this original culture, the following documentation gives the other side.


                                                                            AMERICA'S ORIGINAL TRIBES

–First Nations Within One Nation

Helene Smith

"If you're not just brought up in your own tribe but interact with people through journalism and literature, you see what life is like from another point of view."

­–Steven Pinker, Canadian scientist

The word tribe means common ancestry, family, traits and politics. One analyst compared government partisan opposition to "Primitive tribes strongly opposing one another just because there is another side." Tribal relationships are also defined as ancient society and pre-literate communities. However, visual literacy is the ability to understand and communicate through sign language and graphics.
There are around 566 federally listed First Nations and 250 unrecognized ones in the United States. Personally I prefer to identify present indigenous people as nations rather than "tribes" because these First Americans, since 1924, are US citizens who were civilized. But upon the arrival of Columbus they experienced savage  slaughter from primitive European conquistadors. Alarming uncivilized corporate governments are continuing to demolish Earth through ruthless predator weaponry causing man-made industrial war pollution, what indigenous people have endured for centuries.  
Germany and other nations, too, were tribes at one time. However astute people no longer refer to First Americans as backward states or three world nations any more, a connotation that has picked up negativism in modern times. By the way, does any one know what the first and second world nations are and who wants to be in third place? The term developing nations is more civil than tribe. Since a cultural lag remains in our western society still stigmatizing First Nations as tribes, my essay in depth describes the history of how the original sovereign peoples from North, Central, and South America have been suppressed, and oppressed, although the general topic concentrates on First Nations of the United States.
Call them what you may, but in truth it was Spanish and British Crowns that started colonization in the Western world as these empires attempted outright extermination of human beings with inherent rights. This atrocity began in simple methods and in time erupted into genocidal nuclear bombs, supersonic missiles and their toxic chemical, radioactive waste from man's killer machines, in the bogus name of "defense," even though the wisdom of Virgil, born in 70 BCE, states–"There is no safety in war"–what I have been researching and observing for over 65 years.
When I was a child in Canada on fishing trips with my parents one of the  "Indian" guides presented me with a copy of the Lord's Prayer a device missionaries used in proselytizing First Americas since they thought they needed to be saved­­­–ignorance that oppressed them and attempted to erase their original ancient spirituality that never caused a war as dogmatic, subscription religions do as they tax their members.  The publication was written in Ojibwa and I eagerly memorized the book, not for its message but because I wanted to learn the language.  I still have the booklet today.
The original name of the guide's people was corrupted to Chippewa, just as the Apsalooka culture was corrupted to "Crow"  by French trappers through First American sign language–hands flapping like wings of a bird–with Europeans thinking they represented crows. But these natives called themselves ancestors of an ancient raven.  The Sioux Nation (derived from a long term) has different dialects commonly called Dakota, Lakota or Nakota, all of which have been defined by non-members confusing the languages.
Deep into primeval woodlands and along pristine lakeshores on indigenous land I became acquainted with uranium from conversations of "Indian" fishermen. Deforestation through strip mining of this radioactive, toxic metal has for years been contaminating and deteriorating precious water supplies not only in western reservations but also around the world from Earth-destroying cancer-causing reactors. First Nation property is also poisoned from other industrial war activity–mining of coal and oilrigs for petroleum products as the government takes the proceeds.
In Ontario I can remember dipping a tin cup into the fresh water for drinking. But the plight of world's rivers and oceans has been ignored for so long toxicants are now destroying Earth our mother as seen in air pollution and oil sands in Edmonton, Canada, especially affecting indigenous people–despite raised voices protesting generational, genetic atrocities along with poisoned fisheries and wetlands. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are also lethal agents killing bottlenose dolphins at Brunswick, Georgia, land of the mound builders and the Creek "Indians." Today industrial weapons of massive devastation and their lethal wastes turn nature into oily wastelands devoid of trees and vegetation, a monotone gray atmosphere. Here  International Law, Geneva Protocols and ordinances protecting children's rights are ignored and not enforced, as they are worldwide.
Centuries of accumulative lethal explosive bombardment of military chemical explosives have increased global heat from nuclear munitions, thus triggering earthquakes. During WWII and the Vietnam War indigenous people of "yellow skin" were demonized as tribal gooks, insinuating that they were demons, an excuse for easier annihilation. Laos became the nation bombed for the longest time in the history of the world. Military climate warfare caused seeded clouds to prolong the monsoon season in order to prevent transportation of opposing supplies to get through to the Ho Chi Minh trail running through Laos. Millions of shrapnel cluster bomblets rained own until a national metal recycling industry became a necessity nearly 50 years after the war. Women teams are still detonating dud bombs on land also covered by shells reading, USA, throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Even battles using simple saltpeter gunpowder can alter the weather.
In a gun shell, climate warfare has now escalated into a force even more sinister than the deadliest modern explosives. HAARP–pertaining to high-frequency radio waves, electromagnetic power and laser beams or "death rays"–is potent enough to destroy foreign agricultural and ecological systems through political tribalism–including our own–all in the name of irresponsible chilling war against Earth, capitalized for respect. This worst possible weapon has not only made its appearance on the horizon, but it is screwing world weather. Are these "sky heaters" warming Earth and vibrating enough energy through transmitters also affecting tectonic plates–the innards of Earth–the foundations of continents and islands?
Are Alaskan military bases together with those in Russia affecting Siberia and Alaskan Eskimos and animals with cancer and diseases as holes are intentionally blown into the atmosphere and zapping life on Earth–described as "fried"–a new cold war in which the controllers experiment and tamper with the ionosphere?  Those in power when atomic and hydrogen bombs were tested and exploded in the atmosphere and underground, didn't consider the radiation killing all forms of life especially among indigenous peoples. Some were concerned whether Earth would be set on fire by nitrogen exloding from the genocidal super bombs.  But the officials did it anyway!   When men gamble and risk Earth and all all forms of life for the sake of the biggist bomb power, they become the most dangerous bombs of all. Is history now repeating itself with electromagnetic and laser beam technology more interested in the power than the people? This competitive weather manipulation and exploitation of climate warfare is mighty enough to not only trigger horrendous earthquakes, but also floods, droughts, tornados, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.
Those knowledgeable about this Earth-shaking information are rising in numbers. The entire corporate government system hiding shocking facts and alarming secrets from the populace as global military plays "God" with everyone looking at one another in spy-glass cartoon graphics. Meanwhile taxpayers are unaware of the price being paid for unaccountable, reckless climate warfare.
Traditional people living on reservations, the last remnants of their sacred lands, continually endure many adversities to survive what has happened to them ever since the first "Spanish Armada" arrived in the West Indies in 1492–what it looked like through the eyes of the original people, even though the 1558 invasion of Spain against England proved to be more dramatic with firing of cannons and explosions within a much larger armada.  Invasion and attack is never a welcome roar no matter how one hears it, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan where women are afraid to get pregnant from all the child-deforming munistions.
Christopher Columbus and his fleet the Mina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, with original names pertaining to saints, were viewed in awe at first as these ships sailed into San Salvador, what was known as Guanahani to the natives for thousands of years.  But the errant navigator changed its original name to mean "Holy Savior" with no one's consent other than his own.   If he had run aground in Japan, as he thought he had, he would have behaved with the same disrespect of original Asians completely[1]aghast by a newcomer wiping out their sacred name. Columbus later explored Cuba and Hispaniola, the latter now Haiti and the Dominican Republic, under billowing sails all bearing one persuasive logo that proved to be demonic to tribal natives from the start. Although horses had been extinct for thousands of years on western lands, the conquistador Spaniards in the sixteen-century reintroduced them to the world of the original people. Natives were astonished by what they saw. They envisioned each horse and helmeted rider as one uncivilized creation, a strange half-man-half-horse bearing a shiny metal javelin ready to spear them!
If space aliens landed on planet Earth, would we welcome them or nuke them? Some people think highly intelligent aliens are already here as we ponder incredibly made mysterious stone monuments and serpentine mounds of original peoples everywhere. These constellation patterns reflect celestial stars as well as equinoxes and solstices.
 I keep gravitating back the the "founding" of the Americas in the West Indies–a farce from the start, as the United States still celebrates one man who is honored annually for desecrating the continent of Americas for a special holiday. Society completely forgets to even remember First Americans who say they have been on their lands from the start of humanity–about 250,000 years.   Jesus of Nazareth is attributed with the words, "You can't be a prophet in your own land." First Americans, whose own prophets and culture were disregarded from the first by immigrating proselytizers, have complexions resembling one tone of mineral clay–as all people do–from bronze to shades of brown and light tan pigment depending upon inherent geography. In the Hebrew Bible the author of the book attributed to Job wrote, "I also am formed out of clay." This metaphor may go deeper than we think. We are all one people with mineral roots starting out in Pangaea 200 million years ago before it separated into landmasses called continents and the Great Circle. This Equator distinguishes the Northern and Southern hemispheres from one another to  indicate where humanity started as it passes through South America and Africa, perhaps in duel evolution with early inhabitants having dark complexions from being closest to the rays of the sun.
Columbus and his conquistadors, ignorant of Leif Erickson's and other Norsemen's voyages in the 11th century, thought they discovered a new land in the spice islands of East Indies, or Japan or possibly China that have been flourishing for thousands of years. Little did they know that an enormous untold amount of inhabitants were also living on the lands of future Americas where they actually landed. Here early tribal nations traded and communicated with one another in sophisticated trade routes.
The Spanish explorer and conquistador Bartolome' De la Casas exposed the cruelty of Columbus and his crews who were responsible for killing thousands of natives during four voyages to the Bahama archipelago. There in the Greater Antilles including Cuba the Spanish Crown appointed Columbus governor. He and his men significantly reduced the native population during their rampage and frenzy to find gold, silver and spices assuming they were in the Far East. In the West Indies they also raped women and children as they transmitted sexual diseases into the New World that had no immunity to European venereal ailments and other maladies. In documented words of Columbus he wrote these tribal people "are well-built and handsome looking. . . . With fifty men we could easily subdue them and make them do anything we want."  And they did, including innocent children forced into slavery, with even more thousands of first natives dying.
De la Casas felt that slavery should incorporate Africans instead of First Americans since the former lived closer to the equator. He falsely deduced western Indians would better endure intense heat on southern plantations. Although Casas sought tribal human rights in the Americas, he took the same inherent rights away from American Africans.  We all are products of our times–but that is no excuse. From history men and women have risen above the status quo, as they become courageous heroes in risking their own lives for other people's rights.  President John Adams was against slavery and Queen Isabella of Spain was aghast at Columbus and his crews bringing back tribal natives in chains for slaves.  She ordered for Columbus to be imprisoned, but magnanimously let him out for his fourth and last voyage. His most infamous claim to fame is introduction of colonization and slave trade to the Americas. In further reading of his daily log Columbus admitted the Arawak tribe was "gentle and trusting . . . hospitable and sharing that made them easy prey for enslavement and exploitation."
 Columbus was noted for torture and tyranny to please the Spanish Crown. So he resorted to a scheme to cut off noses and ears of tribal natives as if human beings were wild beasts. He then sold the mutilated people in bondage–militant strategy to control people as they terrorized them into obedience. He also marched a native woman naked through the streets before cutting off her tongue because she called him a product of low birth.
This mentality was typical of imperialist authoritarians. Elmina Castle in Accra, Ghana still contains dungeons where thousands of African tribal members waited before being shipped like cargo to America and European nations during overland transport and middle passage of the Atlantic Ocean free slave trade that required no tariffs, quotas or restrictions. Here each successive governor had women in bondage  parade naked before him as he eyed them after buckets of soapy water were poured over them. Sitting in the balcony tower overlooking the women, the governor would then choose which one to rape. Pregnant women suffering morning sickness chained in slave galleys became especially ill in the bottoms of boats rocking back and forth as galley slaves rowed them away from their beloved land.
Getting back to Columbus, it is a disgrace to have an American holiday named for any ogre full of malice. I just recently heard poet activist Jimmy Page singing lyrics on TV–"I'm never going to celebrate Columbus Day"–as I was taking a break from writing this paragraph for my essay. It felt like an unseen hand leading me to these words I had never heard before. It is not too late to change the national holiday of Columbus Day to Amerigo Vespucci Day and add First Nation's Day as well, honoring original Americans instead of a man who did not even know what land he had discovered until his dying day.
In 2014 a high school in Georgia went through a name change. It no longer commemorates General Nathan Forrest, a millionaire dealing in tribal slaves, cotton and land.  He was the first Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon dubbed "the wizard of the saddle." His deplorable reputation led to the naming of a school for a Civil War tyrant who violated American African civil rights as he from time to time took off his military uniform and donned a sheet and pointed hat with holes in it for eyes. Some things never change.
 Vespucci was the first explorer to prove Brazil and the West Indies did not border the outskirts of China and the Far East.  In 1492 he was already planning on his first voyage after researching and indulgently marking out itinerary for his journey. This scholar who was an avid reader collected books and maps instead of gold and natives sold into slavery. In 1499 his route took him to the mouth of the Amazon River, the longest river–not the Nile–with both rivers now contaminated by industrial war toxicants   and human debis. On the Amazon Vespucci explored its magnificent route as well as the culture of tribal natives. His travel letters were later published.
More nitty-gritty details include First Nations soon discovering the strangers from the sea were not friendly and fixated on one thing–stealth of what would reap wealth–with Columbus keeping much of the gold for himself. It did not take long before the original people found the rush for gold to be a lasting trait, a pattern of immigrants not educated in the cultures of the Americas. Europeans trying to exterminating the original inhabitants also cut cutting off native fingers if not digging up enough precious metals to send back to Catholic Spain under royal orders, with gold now embellishing European cathedral. Following the first encounter with strangers, American tribal members were shocked and shattered as their infants were bashed against trees just as natives under Governor Columbus in Cuba lost 7000 children in a few months of cruelty. From the start the entire Columbian invasion was deceitful, all hidden by historians who were called "white."
The first people who scalped others, a "hair-raising experience," lived around the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains (Duquesne University Forum research paper with this title in parentheses). In revenge natives fought back with similar brutality.  Colonists scalped and stripped skin from indigenous "Indians" in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Harvard's Peabody Museum, one of the oldest in the world displaying aboriginal cultures, reveals "Indian scalps that had hung on the walls of the courthouse." At Falmouth, Maine clergymen and parishioners were often recipients of scalp bounty. An Englishman, Henry Hamilton nicknamed "the hair buyer general" in 1775 was Superintendent of Indian Affairs at Fort Detroit during the French and Indian Wars in Quebec in which the British won. From there word got out that Hamilton encouraged First Americans to scalp or capture colonists to receive rewards in Canada. This explains why many newcomers to the New World were forced to go to Canada by foot.
The British and its New World colonists carried out the first biological warfare in America when blankets were taken from smallpox hospitals and insidiously given to the original people as "gifts"–a disease that also diminished their tribes in great numbers. This annihilation was made when the government also attempted to exterminate them by killing off their buffalo (American bison)–mainstay of the First Nations' existence. US founding fathers encouraged eugenics in an attempt to justify extermination of tribes pegged as being inferior. Early mass murder orders were issued under George Washington, soon to be president, during the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779 to "not only overthrow the Peaceful Iroquois League of nations, but  to destroy these tribes–Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca, Mohawk and Tuscarawa. President Jefferson took the side of forceful elimination, too. President Abraham Lincoln in 1862 ordered 38 Dakota prisoners hanged in Mankato, Minnesota–the largest one-day execution in American history after First Americans rebelled against treaty violations and unfair dealing causing hunger and hardships in order for migrating settlers to take over the West. This atrocity resulted in the Dakota War with warriors killed on both sides. President Andrew Jackson ignored Supreme Court Law under Judge John Marshall declaring indigenous people had inherent rights. Jackson unmercifully sent Cherokees and Seminoles to the territory of Oklahoma as he promised them an "Indian" state, with many of them hiding in Tennessee Smoky Mountain caves and Florida Everglades.  Thousands of them died along the way as prisoners who had to supply their own food–The Trail of Tears, now a revealing annual outdoor drama.
 The promise of an all American "Indian" territory in Oklahoma was broken when that land became a state in President Theodore Roosevelt's administration–as the US also broke over 400 treaties, the highest law of the land! Roosevelt said "Manifest Destiny" was extremely beneficial"–to those stealing land and natural resources. Every year the media reports theft of millions of indigenous money with nary a blinking public eye, except from the victims. Roosevelt believed "tribal savages" were weak and inferior, as he advocated good breeding of desirable people" (Caucasians) to improve humanity. Animal lovers in humane societies would say this "humanity" of the "Teddy Bear" lacked respect for wildlife he shot for trophies, as well as human beings targeted for elimination.  Sculptor Gutzon Borglum, who designed Mount Rushmore's presidential busts, was a powerful member of the Ku Klux Klan, He was especially eager to have Roosevelt included with presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln on the mountain in South Dakota among the Black Hills belonging to the "Sioux" Indians­­–due to Roosevelt's and the other president's political views.  In bold contrast, President John Adams did not sanction slavery as he called it "a colossal magnitude" of injustice against American Indian tribal nations and those of American Africans. He believed in human rights, yet being the first US vice president and the second president, he was not chosen to be monumental for obvious reasons.
The most dangerous pollution on indigenous lands happened during nuclear bomb years where testing took place along borders of western reservations where lack of respect for different cultures took on more combustive meaning. This nuclear age genocide infiltrated lands soaked in toxic radiation and an atmosphere of poisonous chemical emissions. Over 1000 bombs exploded in the air sending fallout back onto indigenous people targeted for extinction, as well as affecting the entire planet with gross excess of radiation. These sites were marked in red in early atlases, now removed– military-posted signs reading DANGER ZONES, not to warn "Indians" and ranchers who knew they were sick from contamination, but for local tourists passing through their lands. Again, the hazardous sites are easy to find, intentionally located next to First American lands. These militant proving grounds resulted in sterile craters on Earth with all life affected.
I stood beside a stream with the son of one of the western chiefs.  He pointed out to me how the government had killed much life on his land through chemicals making it a dead zone. Now lethal pesticides pollute ground water and aquifers all across Earth. The Shoshone-Bannock Sundance Poisoning involves cancerous chemicals and radioactive raffinated fertilizer often made from waste products of petroleum products used on "Indian" lands.
At the time of the Sundance ritual, only the corporation responsible for the toxic chemical was interviewed. First American victims were not even consulted. This resulted from the dysfunctional irresponsible Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). As the investigator journalist threatened by non-Indian sources, I received a letter over ten years later from the BIA that took control of the investigation, a blatant conflict of interest. They concluded there was no harm done by the chemical fertilizer corporation in cahoots with the government. But a decade later the US Environmental Protective Agency admitted the people were poisoned during the sacred Sundance through cancerous fumigants.  And there was no word sent to the victims or to the researcher who had corresponded with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
On lands of First Nations non-Indians are allowed to move in among the original people and take over everything they can. Helen Walker Jackson wrote a book published in 1881. The First Century of Dishonor"–A Sketch of the United States Government Dealing with Some of the Indian Tribes. (see 1992 Second Century of Dishonor, aka Apsalooka, the Crow Nation Then and Now, with copies presented to all members of  Congress, the president and vice-president as was Walker's book.) Jackson called for reform among Indian nations, too, but what Congress ended up doing provoked tremendous harm against the first people. She meant well, also through her book Ramona pointing out government abuse of First America's tribes. But reform turned into deformation of Indian lands–with feds arrogantly breaking up land already native owned into designated plots that brought on poverty to the people who from the beginning are creative artists, musicians, conservative hunters and resourceful gatherers of berries and natural organic plants. Yet the government divided "Indian" lands among the inhabitants with no agricultural education offered the hunters who were not used to a different way of life.  Remaining lands of First Nations amounted to 154 million acres with indigenous people permitted to keep 106 million acres of their original land with nothing of value given in return except excruciating problems as each year more land is taken from them as their trust monies are stolen.
 Congress passed the General Allotment Act (leading proponent Senator Henry Dawes) in 1887 with no one understanding the culture of original tribal nations whose economy depended upon trade and their inherent rights. With the newly ratified law these original peoples had to pay taxes even though they were not citizens of the United States until 1924. It was not long before the residents were devastated and shattered since they could not afford the unlawful fees. The rush for lust of non-Indians getting government stolen land left the original people in a dust storm, as different religious sects also scrambled to get their foothold into federal run reservations through competitive proselytizing. Tribal property on paper now looked like a checkerboard with non-native newcomers living in between original landowners.
Of course corporate government kept the most productive acreage. As racist, patronizing "guardians" the feds placed original Indian lands in trust as they tried to justify this fraud by propaganda that First American tribes were uncivilized and backward, what led to complicit mentality of the non-native population going along with destructive graft.  This same mindset was used against African soldiers during the Civil war when they were placed in front line battle, with the most vulnerable killed first. Illegal government greed also brought on welfare, what triggered even more poverty as the feds interfered with First Nations' cultural ways, mores and customs.
The same thing happened when young adult experts in the raising of cotton, indigo and expert were captured in Africa, leaving behind babies and elders in an impoverished collapsed economy. This change for the worse also introduced original Native Americans as slaves for free labor.  The very idea that they would be confined to a foreign culture that would take away their sacred spirituality and keep them in chains was too hard to swallow. Thus many of them committed suicide rather than being a forced into a foreign religion, another goal of Columbus. African people also fettered in iron chains of bondage jumped off decks of slaver ships choosing death over bondage.
This violation of human rights is illegal under International Law–what the military minimizes as whack attacks. Lives of indigenous people living in poor rural conditions on polluted lands are also at stake, as youths–mostly of dark complexioned tribal roots–are devastated in endless youth-killing wars of terrorism and violence.
Much of warrior cruelty came straight from Leviticus 25:44, "the word of God" demanding slaves be taken from the heathen–the unbelievers. These words provoked three original Semitic Abrahamic religions still trying to annihilate one another in warfare.  It did not take long for the indigenous people to understand the meaning of the word unbelievers. There is no word for religion in traditionalist indigenous vocabularies. The logo displayed on the sails of ship that invaded their West Indian islands and western lands was graphic enough.  The salient red cross did not represent the Spanish flag but instead the dogmas of slave masters.  There is an old "Indian" saying, "They came with their Bibles and we owned the land.  But now we have their Bibles and they own our land."
First Americans were never defeated, what the US Army later admitted. Deceit of land occupation through "eminent domain" has less clout than treaty. Yet Congress made treaties to take away their land. These documents written in a foreign language were not explained to the original people verbally.  They thought the newcomers were just paying a fee for passing through their land, not owning it!–since the original land owners received  nothing but a few trinkets, beads or spoons of sugar from those committing the skullduggery.
Meanwhile centuries of Indian Wars (including Seven Year Wars in Europe) took their toll during the intercontinental wars, also with Catholics and Protestants trying to kill off one another for centuries, such as the 100 and 30-year wars.
In Pennsylvania the English were defeated during the 1755 Battle of the Monongahela at the junction of the Allegheny and Ohio rivers–Pittsburgh.  During embattlement the British, under General Edward Braddock (killed in the battle) marched along the riverbanks in salient bright red coats. Natives stood behind trees and picked them off like rabbits in a carnival shooting gallery. In fact, officials at West Point were impressed and eager to study strategy of First American nations–the introduction of camouflage, stealth and surprise attack with an added whooping yell that would even lift up a jackal from the ground. 
But there is something much better that we learn from a First Nation culture.  It is the coup, the courage it takes in touching people, not in killing them. The first Continental Congress in 1775 was adamant about gaining First American tribal neutrality during the Revolutionary war. Instead of Congress that formed the War Department in 1789 protecting the original landowners, they and their lands are still exploited. During enforcement of reservations, suffering residents called themselves prisoners in war camps, what brought back more starvation, alcoholism and poverty.
Newly introduced alcohol was used to conceal the stress of losing a former natural way of life after millions of years of one culture successfully having a good life of happiness. Some one once said, "If you were treated as badly as American Indian tribal members, who wouldn't over imbibe!" The masters of the First Nations is comprised in the most corrupt federal regulatory agency–proved by several Congressional investigations. The feds–in order to control Indian tribal lands–set up a non-elected Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in 1824 without authorization of Congress, followed by the mismanaged bureau transferred to the Department of the Interior in 1849, still fraudulent to this day.  Once the camel got its nose into the tent flap he is in like Flynn. With the federal government in cahoots with religionists, this powerful coalition would not allow the original culture to continue except through regulated control of reservations by adjacent US military basses leaking toxic emissions and lethal nuclear and chemical waste, over 5,000 in the world.
Then when the original people thought all the decimation and genocide was the final blow–leaving less than two percent traditionalists within the United States–more tragedy struck them in the 1960s and 70s. The federal government prevented "Indian" women from having children without their knowledge. Whenever First Americans were admitted to hospitals for whatever reason, under the Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) program, they were sterilized. This organized "ethnic cleansing" was disclosed by "Indian" doctors and a study of “red” nation women called WARN, later exposed by Senator James Abourezk to Congress. Puerto Rican women were victims, too, sterilized in Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut hospitals. Dark complexioned women were also given experimental birth control pills before they were safe for the public. 
The next blow was feds targeting reservations for dumping hazardous chemical and radioactive waste. Even the lowest radiation is detrimental to health.
National aggression continues to take its toll in poverty and ill health from toxic industrial war waste, with the area of Pine Ridge, South Dakota the most impoverished.  Leonard Peltier, still incarcerated, was one of America's first whistle-blowers. But Congress would not listen to the truth about "tribal members." When FBI officials visited their community and provoked trouble, several of them were shot in self defense, with Peltier, being the scapegoat. The entire story is in Peter Mathiessen's book, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse.  Yet to this day Peltier remains in prison with no president courageous enough to pardon him, what would bring him peace to the last years of his life.
During WWI and II Nazi-invented nerve gases were used as chemical warfare internationally, with surplus made for commercial pesticides in the aftermath. As a result Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's and Hodgkin's diseases plague Earth, especially soldiers and those living on reservations?.  War-torn children suffer the longest period of time under the extreme carbon CO2 boot of aggression and sanctions that cause starvation, with war the worst serial killer           a sad scenario of the lives of many traditionalists naturalist trying to resist multiple abuses and pollution on their lands. The main fixation was to keep original owners separate from immigrant settlers–out of sight, out of mind for theft of their land. (see Conquest, by Andrea Smith).
                  One of the "dirty dozen" most lethal  chemicals–dioxin Agent Orange–was first used against American "Indians" and later sprayed during the Vietnam War that caused defoliated vegetation and death to human beings as well. This herbicide triggered the worst dioxin poisoning in North America among the Apaches and other indigenous people of San Carlos, Arizona. The US Army dumped millions of gallons of this surplus Agent Orange chemical that causes mental retardation as well as birth defects in military bases all over the world, including thousands of gallons in Korea.
                  At Hanford, Washington Reservation, the largest WWII nuclear dump is where the first full sized plutonium radioactive industry started, with waste dumped there since 1943 for part of the Manhattan Project. It is called a reservation since it is located at First Nation lands, now contaminated for hundreds of thousands years and more.  Such nations as the US Confederated Tribes of Umatila, as well as the Yakima, Nez Perce (pierced nose) were forced off their inherent lands to make room for 200 miles of radiated land.  It is said that "the Wanapum Tribe stayed on their land" along the Columbia River and are immediately at risk from the results of accumulative youth-killing wars.  With imprudent short sightedness waste tanks, only guaranteed for 200 years, are now leaking plutonium, hydrogen and chemicals threatening to blow up, as ground water is already polluted with high-level radiation along the Columbia River having 800 other wasted dumps that also threaten Oregon. Yucca Mountain in Nevada at the California border has been threatened for years for future use as an even larger nuclear waste dump than the Hanford "Indian."
                  We are now in the dump and run age, ominous recycling of filthy energy and its toxic wastes as this deadly refuge is hauled from one place to another, all on one planet. Nuclear waste is also used for radioactive  depleted uranium (DU) bullets strong enough to shoot through tanks, leaving lethal emissions behind.  From the South Pacific indigenous islands where some of the atolls of the Marshall Islands were blasted right off the face of Earth, the contaminated soil was transported by thousands of tons to Maryland waste disposals and to sites in the US.
      This worldwide dumping includes Somalia where young men turn into high-sea pirates trying to save their families from child-deforming poisons and their lands being pollute­d ­–nations taking advantage of a weakened government by dumping nuclear waste on foreign shores. We may all run, but chemical, radioactive toxicants and radical war wastes will eventually catch us­–on land, in air and in shining hot seas from shore to shore.
                   The primitive slingshot  of biblical David has transformed  into genocidal weapons of massive devastation. Some people say "You can't put the genii back in the bottle.  But war is no genii!  No one manufactures spittoons anymore.  Cuspidors are a thing of the past­–now antiques that make nice planters, as war weaponry will be displayed in museums of curiosity in the future. But it is the toxic, radioactive munitions that are still aborting, deforming and mental handicapping the world of infants born to combat parents handling toxicants and non-combatants caught in the crossfire of modern war zones as they suffer fatal diseases. This aftermath of war has reached a pandemic crisis with quintessential need for weaning warmongers off their pacifiers of holocaustic, deforming weapons.  Bob Dylan wrote profound lyrics for his song Masters of War, words that are heart wrenching,

                  "You've thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children into the world, for threatening my baby unborn and unnamed, you ain't worth the blood that runs in your veins."

                  First Americans, combat soldiers and all people  caught in crossfire of war zones have a history of being afraid to bring children into the world of mutant chemical toxicants and radioactive depleted uranium (UR)  causing grotesque deformities and genetic retardation in wombs as munitions keeps killing one generation after another.
                  As long as people are programmed to  primitive tribal members waving flags of assault and wrapping ourselves in colors as well as our places of worship in so-called patriotic bunting, we will never be free as modern battlefield alters offer up sacrificial lambs as scapegoats. Musician Woody Guthrie in his lyrics wishes soldiers to sit down together and say, "I ain't a gonna kill anybody"–no more. "Plenty of rich folks want to fight.  Give them the guns."
                   I love the beauty of America and I love it's sweet, kind people of varied cultures.  But I abhor any nation that has a history of slashing and burning its own people, such as tribal politics killing innocent First Nation residents. In 1872 all families–except a boy who escaped­–among the Gnadenhutten Moravian "Indians"–were massacred as they and their log villages went up in flames. The pioneer frontier militia scalped them before burning them alive to ashes. These Native Americans had moved to Ohio to escape colonial encroachment.  Most of the victims were still breathing, reminiscent of Vietnam villages with residents burned to death like Inquisitional victims burned alive, tied to a stake? 
                  In view of human war history nothing has changed, except weapons and munitions becoming genetically lethal with supersonic death machines operated by masters of war. What human being ever has such a so-called right that in war anything goes?  What monsters are in our minds that raise hands bloodied with our taxpaying fuel geared and oiled for wars?                 
              In summery, aggression against First Americans continues in the false name of God's will–Providence directing  "Manifest Destiny" against First Nations, military style–a slogan political columnist, John O'Sullivan, concocted in 1845.
             – Traditionalist indigenous peoples are appalled as Earth-shattering toxic munitions are piling up warfare waste still contaminating Mother Earth that First Nations have always revered.  In addition,  these original people are still persecuted even going back to religious Jesuits who abused them and called them barbaric.  But at last justice is being served. As a result, Jesuit priests who physically and sexually abused Native American youths under the auspices of federal government enforced religious boarding schools, agreed to pay victims $250 million going back to  the1800s when these torturous institutions were initiated in Alaska villages and Northwest First Nations. Let the reader decide who were the real barbarians were who robbed the victims of their childhood with after shock affecting their entire life times.