Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Dear ones,

What a beautiful day it is in my part of the world.  But people-killing bombs are exploding in so many other parts of the world with emissions circling around in irradiating circles of accumulative  pollution against the lives of people and the global environment.  How sad indeed.

Here is my recent essay.

–Mirrors Most Violent Serial Crime on Earth

"You can bomb the world to pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace."

–Spearhead, Michael Franti

            The naked little girl named Kim from Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, capital of South Vietnam still screams in history's haunting memories from illegal misdirected napalm and white phosphorus jelly burning her clothes off and her body to the bone. This heart-wrenching image is tattooed in red blood in our memory banks.  Kim's voice echoes from thunderous, black carbon war clouds that envelope Earth with nuclear fallout causing cancer, diseases and child deformities in reproductive systems of humans and animals alike. Frogs born with nine legs only help the food industry. The US has the worst record of chemical, radioactive abuse on the planet. Kim, who almost died from her burns, as an adult started a foundation for child victims of such wars.           
            Out of the lower depths of Hell during torturous genocidal holocausts of the world come scenes of man's most atrocious horrors that absolutists in power commit. Army officials train and condition youths to kill by demeaning the opposition they peg as the enemy. Statesman  Mikhail  Gorbachev, who ended the arms race in his time and wrote the book A Time for Peace, said, "We must stop calling one another the enemy."  President Abraham Lincoln encouraged people to make friends instead of enemies. 
            Calling Asians yellow gooks, Jesus of Nazareth would never do.  Historically labeling First Americans and American Africans as negative blacks –adjectives instead of nouns–and denigrating human beings as redskins only keeps the ring of fire flaming.  Down through history people having more protective brown pigment than those whose ancestors lived for thousands of years great distances from the equator and sun, have often been called "blacks" to keep them down.  Identifying anyone as a "black"–ancient code for slave–is physically profiling, the secret ingredient that fuels youth-killer wars that also cause grotesque deformities and abortions. 
            When hot-explosive war is committed it in turn causes earthquakes that trigger volcano eruptions and in turn provoke tsunamis.  To top all this chaos the military extended the monsoon seasons through climate warfare to prevent munitions supplies from getting through to opposition lines during the Vietnam War.  This tampering with global weather was conducted on the Ho Chi Minh trail running through Laos. US-led bombing raids there devastated thousands of civilians and their land, mostly non-combatants, with millions of bomblettes from missiles, chemically and radioactively maiming and killing, especially with depleted uranium (DU) from nuclear waste. This toxic pollutant is also made into bullets powerful enough to blow holes in armored tanks–another cunning way to disperse our unwanted irradiated matter around the world. After over 40 years teams of women are still cleaning up after a foreign army caused Laos to he the most bombed nation in the world for the longest period of time. 
            This seeding of clouds for military advantage has now become even more Earth-shaking with man-made electromagnetic and laser beams penetrating deep into Earth our only sustenance, all done in secret.  But will vibrating tectonic plates, the very rocks that continents and islands stand on for support, endure the most powerful stress by military manipulation through climate warfare? The original land mass, Pangaea, was disrupted so much in the beginning stages of the Earth's formation, that it was knocked apart and now looks like a gigantic puzzle, even overlapping in places to this day.  Other than fault lines, man does not know how different layers of Earth are wired, so to speak.  Right now an earthquake can take place somewhere in the world and its seismographic waves can cause a similar disruption a great distance away.
            The color orange is a fixation among the military and national policing systems.  Today's protestors against aggression are confined behind orange mess, out of sight, out of mind to keep the corporate governing  powers rich through war economies based on deaths.  Peace economies, based on life, do not require lethal child-killing accumulative ammunition already outlawed by numerous international and national institutions.  They provide employment that doesn't risk their lives and happiness.  By keeping young people in their own nations, there is no need for recruiting naive youths for debilitating combat duty nor the manufacture of trillions of dollars worth of war machines causing devastation on the ecology. Focus on keeping politicians honest and humane instead of fixating on death squads. Bring the young people home where they can raise their families safely instead of the same people mourning needless deaths and life-long handicaps of missing legs and arms–together with massive head injuries and suicides that also result from fruitless wars.
            Every nation needs to maintain its troops trained for nature's disasters and to manage the new age of freak weather combined with man-made munitions causing great floods, draughts, and suffering in general.  Wars result from failures to negotiate professionally.
            Again, barrels of poisonous toxic dioxin and Triazine (Altazine) in herbicide named Agent Orange marked with the color orange, kill animals and human beings through deformities and mental retardation in children, along with death to the environment. Combat parents handling deadly chemicals and depleted radioactive uranium (DU) and civilians trapped in war zone cities add to the victims of war.  Human beings do not come under a euphemism the military coined as "collateral damage" as if human beings were the riff-raff of war demolition.  The old reminder "Remember the Alamo!" has been replaced by "Remember the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fallujah!", the latter site in Iraq bombed to ashes where women are now afraid of pregnancy from war-torn babies born with grotesque deformities.  Fumigant Agent Orange and its lethal emissions are illegal according to International Law.  Today's supersonic missiles, as well as radioactive munitions, are genocidal with former rural battlefields now fought in modern urban cities and communities where children play and adults work and shop.           
            And finally, the color orange reflects deep meaning in the book and movie, Clockwork Orange.  War darkly symbolizes a sick, unstable side of society that brutally asserts its force on people through compulsive violence and terrorism from under the influence of super drugs and munitions altering reproduction systems.
Greek King Pyrrhus recognized the futility and destructive power of greed and control of aggressive war that is never worth its cost in pyrrhic wars.
            During gross war the victimizers often use the ruse of music, also brought out in Clockwork Orange, to distance and sooth sinister trouble psyches that conflict torture in prisoner-of-war camps and violence of gas furnace crematoriums. Through symphony music, especially by Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger, Nazi Germany attempted to dispel the evil that the nation committed.  Music, too, can be used as a drug in marching parades that heighten patriotic fervor and shallow flag waving of the masses, even with religio-political church doors and alters wrapped in bunting.

            "There is no safety in war."–Roman poet Virgil, born in 70 BCE