Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear Ones,

Time for better understanding of term race since it still incites hatred and wars.

Helene Smith
(material in post titled False Face of Race)

                  The familiar saying, "Tall, dark and handsome"–an early European 19th century adage refers to women as well as men. Such a contradiction of bigots crazed by hatred of people having more protective pigment than themselves is transparently jealous by this very statement.  From time memorial the worst serial crime in the world­ is war, especially incited against human beings called "colors"–adjectives, not nouns. This stigmatism stems back to primitive times prior to knowledge about the equator being the hottest belt around Earth where human life began with resulting complexions dark from intense sun rays after centuries of exposure.  It takes about 20,000 years of living in the tropics for permanent dark skin to become part of DNA, and vice-versa as people moved away to different areas.
                  In my observation of bigotry against people of darker complexions instigators of hatred and ethnic wars worship deities having variations of dark skin–a fact boldly emphasized.  These prophets and wisdom keepers include Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, as well as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King,  Jr., the Dali Lama, Mother Teresa and Amma from India, the latter famous for her caring world-wide hugs. The ironies of life do not get any more paradoxical than this–people persecuting people for their pigmented complexion while at the same time revering their gods and heroes of deep variations of pigment!                  
                  Human color-coding rages on ever since German, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach,  "father of color-coded racism," in 1779 devised a hierarchical classification of skin differences with so-called "white" on top and so-called "black" (early code for slave) on the lowest rung. Nazi Germany attempted to justify its genocidal holocaust–the same system used against America's first people in bondage–through invention of a warlord classification devised by this man.
                  Society has gotten over red and yellow skin, but the most rival tones of complexion are black and white still dividing humanity into warring tribes. It is obvious that no one has black, red, white or yellow complexion, a farce from its very beginning. I'm surprised no comedy show has ever had a skit of people with these unnatural paint colors. So far no one has picked upon this ludicrous identity of people in an exaggerated parody. The marketing of cosmetics only uses variations of the tone brown, which is now in vogue.  This is fortunate for numerous reasons, especially since people of the future, now that they can breed among different nationalities, will all have one similar complexion, a leveling value.   What then will people call themselves?  And what will they say when their children ask why they are still segregated and physically profiled as rival "blacks" and "whites" when all humanity's skin is one shade?  Every time a person calls another person a "black" or a "white," it only provokes more physically profiling.
                  Nobel Laureate and Pulitzer prize Laureate, Pearl Buck, known for her book, The Good Earth, chided Americans for calling Asians yellow.  The color-coding league no longer targets red complexions, although Washington D.C.'s football team refuses to change its name, "The Redskins." This degrading outmoded word for a sport team's tribal mascot is illicit since it violates the law for logo decency.
                  Only those having albinism reflect white skin. Tans are common for sun-worshippers but only temporarily. All our palms and soles of our feet are light in hue from lack of exposure to the sun over centuries of evolution. Yet people were lynched and persecuted in spite of this natural phenomenon of nature­–brought through evolution before humans began to stand!
                  In retrospect, knowing that complexion will be the same for everyone someday, this shameful history makes faces and necks turn red, literally. Brown skin is dominant over light skin according to the science of genetics. We are all one people, many who go to beaches to acquire deeper complexions admired as  "beautiful tans." So why not fast forward to be ready for the future? 
                  Is there any reason why we should not erase race since the "word race" started in ancient Roman coliseums where slaves were raced to their deaths in chariot races under four rival colors?  This rival sports habit of color-coding humanity was carried over from Blumenbach's hierarchy of divisive, insidious racism–alliteration at its worst.                 
                  Dark complexioned First Americans from the Americas–North, Middle and South–are the real founders of the Western Hemisphere. They explored the continent thousands of years ago and still advocate protection for the greening of Earth, our only sustenance–reason enough for electing well-qualified traditionalist Americans for public office–America's original culture and spirituality–First Nations in one Nation–originally pegged red.    
         Even extraterrestrial beings from outer space are imagined the color green or gray, even though no one has seen any space aliens. Color-coding human beings has brought nothing  good to the world.  The sooner we get over our fixation of skin color to separate one another, the happier we will be.  We will also be safer, since color-coding triggers youth-killing, child deforming wars of torture through lethal munitions that in turn set off earthquakes that trigger volcanic eruptions that cause tsunamis–all in a gun shell called war.

"White’ people send ‘black people’ to fight ‘yellow people’ to protect the country they stole from ‘red people.’ "

                                                                                                                     –Gerome Ragni/James Rado, from Broadway musical, "Hair" 

"There is no safety in war."–Virgil, born in 70 BCE