Friday, March 14, 2014


Dear  Ones,

Today's a beautiful day outside my window.  It's a great time for international harmony,  Obviously praying for peace doesn't work in a world where man has a penchant for wars.  Nevertheless, as futile as it is, here is my peace proposal,


Peace Proposal for US Senate and United Nations


Revenge is a circle of flaming anger. We live in a world of futile aggression and bombing against global non-combatant citizens–children, men and women who also have to endure cruel sanctions that cause hunger, disease and poverty. Meanwhile the committors of war brutality dine on surf and turf–rogue killers ecologically polluting with nuclear dump and run waste. Corporate trafficking and exporting of already illegal, genocidal nuclear, chemical and biological warfare result in Earth-shaking, earthquake-causing explosions leading to hot-erupting volcanoes that trigger tsunamies. All this gross suffering, pain and poverty bashing  humanity, animals and our Earth adds up to barbaric slaughter no one wants.

                            THE CURE

For every nation there is quintessential need for well-paid professional arbitrators, diplomats, language interpreters, historians of foreign cultures and keepers of concord whose sole responsibility is to negotiate and arbitrate with the opposition–to find out “what the beef’s all about.” It takes an entire Peace Defense Department to communicate for check and balance against War Departments that bring no defense. Virgil, born in 70 BCE knew before the common era, "There is no safety in war."  Albert Einstein said murder hides behind the cloak of war.  Because an administration that refused to talk and ignored the threat that if the army did not remove its toxic leaking military bases off of Saudi Arabian land, something terrible would happen to America­–the atrocity of September 11, 200l announced in a silent TV crawl worldwide.  Despite the powerful arsenals of the world, no nation can stop surprise attack, especially with individual suicide bombers in huge crowds.  Cause in point–all the stored firepower in the world did not prevent the 9-ll attack.
These invaluable service forces would have uniforms that would also provide display rewards of service–ribbons, medals, epaulettes Courageous service forces in international peace departments would deserve uniforms and rewards–ribbons, medals, epaulettes and insignia for protecting home bases against nature's freak storms, floods and disasters increasing with climate warfare.  Brave men and women peace department members would also warrant the salute for their prevention of international wars. They would receive the same perks as the military. No jobs would be lost for instead of risking their lives in combat service forces the new employees would be enjoying happiness in knowing that they are saving lives instead of being trained to kill. There would be no sacrificial battleground burnt offerings reminiscent of archaic rituals to the gods­ or cover-up of soldiers, war correspondents and photographers trapped in crossfire on urban battlegrounds illegal under International Law since these war zones are where children play and adults work and shop.

This sole responsibility in one department would not only wean warmongers off aggression but would also bring harmony among nations, far less expensive than extravagant wars causing trillions. This progress would free up more than enough funds to provide free unbiased college, health care and internal needs for all nations, instead of acquiring an education after combat with many soldiers too handicapped to go to school due to life-long head injuries and psychological trauma that often result in committing suicide from horrifying nightmares of bloody corpses, even among drone operators. Eighteen soldier suicides a day are taking their lives, now reaching alarming levels, with war causing the most US deaths today. 

Enforcing laws already ratified against chemical and radioactive munitions would make all nations accountable without exceptions for their violence of terrorist wars that provoke the most lethal gas-guzzling, petroleum contaminating, CO2 carbon corporate war-economy hell-bent for ill-gotten spoils from youth-killing, baby-deforming aggression–the scourge of the world. Government funding for alternative energy and sincere research would harness the sun that has enough free energy to fuel the globe, as well as wind, water and ocean power.

The vast Roman Empire fell due to its obsession with military power sucking up most of the treasury.

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”–Proverbs 16:18 . . .”With humility comes wisdom.”–11:2

“Good-natured [young] men with murderous weapons in their hands . . . will march, freeze, hunger, suffer sickness and die from it, or finally  . . . will be slain by the thousands or kill thousands themselves with no reason; men whom they have never seen before, and who neither have done nor could do them any mischief . . .  and soon the men who reaped profit from it all will assert that since there has been a war there must needs have been one, and that other wars must follow, and they will again prepare future generations for a continuance of slaughter, depraving them from their birth.

                                  –Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace