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Good morning people.  I'm not going to differentiate or color-code anyone.  It's taken me 60 years to research what has always puzzled me–why people from various nations and cultures are pegged colors.  The following is what my research brought to light.

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–Why It Is Dangerous To Color-Code People

"White’ people send ‘black people’ to fight ‘yellow people’ to protect the country they stole from ‘red people.’ “

–Gerome Ragni/James Rado, from Broadway musical, "Hair"

Every time you call a human being a color, you are profiling humanity. Children are born into a life of confusion.  It is especially frustrating for the unbiased to grasp the reality of color-coded people–very narrowing for open minds from which babies get their first view.  As a mother of five children, I decided to research how and why adults take something completely unnecessary, like the hierarchy of race, and let it control and out rule their lives. As a result, bigotry never dug its ugly claws into the minds of my kids. One day my four year-old twin daughters came running up to me when I was doing archaeological work at a historic site. They exclaimed, "Look, mommy.  Look at all those black people."  What I saw was a group of nuns.
Racism is the grit from which youth-killing, filthy wars erupt. For me it was shock and awe to discover race colors did not exist before German-born Johann Friedrick Blumenbach, “father of race,” concocted his rival color-coding hierarchy in 1779. From his deceptive illusion he believed so-called "whites" were pure and "most handsome, the nearest to God" in appearance, especially at the Caucasian Mountains at the Black Sea. Anthropologists say the Hebrew Holocaust was fueled in Nazi Germany by Blumenbach's influence–as religious race wars race on like blazing saddles.  A master race within the same nation is exposed as fake–one man's fatal invention.
Previously Carolus Linnaeus classified animals and human beings as species, stocks, groups or peoples. Blumenbach's bogus color divisions of humanity consisted of Europeans deemed highest power, whom he coined 1. white, Caucasian; 2. black, Negroid or Hamite; 3. red, American ("Indians"); and 4. yellow, Mongoloid, with a later brown Malaysian rung added to the ladder of segregation.
The word Hamite is derived from Noah's mythological sons–Japeth, representing Europe, Shem Asia, and Ham Africa, what originally was called Nigeria, for the most part.  This archaic fable includes the curse of Ham–son of Noah "a black man"–and why he was banished from his homeland due to a  sexual violation, what persists in provoking racism against Africa today.  It is assumed that the word Niger River, stems from Latin, aithlops, "burnt-face," a word for Africa or Negroid since the time of Homer.
From the Judeo-Christian Bible the word "race" is emphasized as racetrack competition–eventually human division for Anglo conquest–divide and conquer. Return race to the horse track where it started during the Roman Empire in 27 CE, East and West, when slaves were forced to their deaths in chariot races held at "bread and circus" coliseums. In the Byzantine Hippodrome the vicious Nike (victory) riots broke out under four rival colors, what spawned later color-coding behavior.  This  pattern of vicious competition was carried over to racial violence today–like shouting, jeering sports teams fired-up, but with more hatred and enmity against the opposition than in tearing down goalposts.
 The word race originally meant slashing with a razor, derived from Latin.  Prisoners were killed until emperors and warlords took advantage of them for free labor and entertainment, a system eventually fixated on dark complexion targeted for bondage–even though there is a saying about attraction–"tall, dark, and handsome." Indigenous Americans on man-devised reservations–the last of their sacred lands now controlled by a historically corrupt non-elected Bureau of Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior–were the first  US slaves not used to a strange, unnatural culture where many took their own lives. Africans captured for bondage dragged to foreign lands became the next victims, who also suffered from despair and grief for centuries up to the present, based on pigment–melanin that protects against sun rays.
Alienating race has caused frothing rage and eventually a plethora of subdivisions, completely out of control. These new categories are also fabricated, as multiple new divisions make identity even more perplexing to students filling out race boxes on college application forms confused as to which box to check–white, black (most rival categories), with a conglomeration of  nationalities inconsistent with one another.  Why not think out of the box?  And what happened to the red and yellow so-called races?
United we stand, not separated we stand–one nation indivisible. Years ago France eliminated discordant color-coding on race boxes for census reports.  The US conducted its first population census in 1790 by separating people of bondage from the free–later dividing people into colors in racist paranoia. You cannot be prosecuted for not filling in Pandora's Box of trouble that fuels chilling religio-racist wars of power against non-"white" victims.  We are all people.
Novelist Pulitzer/Nobel Laureate Pearl Buck chided Americans for calling Asians yellow. Racism stokes wars, as seen in WWII and the Vietnam War.  Soldiers were trained to call "yellow" people "japs" or "gooks"–to falsely justify savage killing of foes. Harry Truman started the false rumor that nuclear bombs, specifically produced to make Japan surrender, saved American ives–the world's worst nuclear disaster that sent radioactive fallout across Earth, including the US, with an untold amount of deaths from cancer and other diseases.  In a WWII speech this president denounced the Japanese as "dirty Japs," making it easy for him to order barbaric atomic bombs dropped on "yellow people"–even though that nation was ready to surrender, confirmed by top US and Britain military officials, including General Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Already 200,000 people had died in Japan from carpet-bomb firestorms, added to 180,000 more deaths from nuclear missile attack, without warning, that killed mostly civilians.  Today Japanese authorities insist their nation be nuclear free ever since the Fukushima tragedy when an earthquake caused a tsunami and blew up a nuclear complex, as they also protest US military bases posioning their land with leaking toxicants.
The world has long degraded people referred to a black, red, and yellow. A Filipino friend was confused in a segregated restaurant in Pittsburgh years ago.  She read a sign saying, "Black on the left; white on the right." She told the manager. “Where do I sit?  I’m neither black nor white.”  Transparently he said, "I'll pay for your lunch if you sit in the “black” section.
The book of Leviticus 25:44 states bondsmen and bondsmaids should be taken from the heathen as slaves–unbelievers of the Jewish cultural. Later this bigotry was transferred to American "Indians" and American Africans "non believerss." Racial religious bias also has its taproot hooked into biblical times when Paul of Tarsus in Asia Minor (Turkey) demanded that slaves obey their masters.
  We no longer peg indigenous people “red” except for Washington D.C.’s football mascots, even though this divisive, degrading epithet violates label laws. First Americans still resent and are insulted by lack of respect–human beings lowered to the rank of animals.  Bayley Lopez of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation said,  "Economic racism is akin to bribery." Federal corporate funds pay impoverished "redskin" nations to store leaking nuclear waste–following atomic bomb testing "proving" grounds, toxic industrial power plants, uranium mines, and chemical weapon depots built on or next to reservations. Years ago these contaminated sights were marked in red as "Danger Zones" in atlases­ on last sacred lands of traditionalist indigenous people targeted for extermination. Here the first US biological  warfare became genocide when hospital blankets were given to First Americans as "gifts."
The largest US dumping grounds began in WWII at Hanford, Washington reservation representing numerous First American nations.  Here long build-up of nuclear toxicants leak and threaten catastrophe to the lives and health of people and animals, also in Oregon and along the Columbia River–birth defects and diseases.
Why are war-torn genetic deformities in children not an issue on the daily news–even though International Law, Geneva Protocol, and other rules against intoxicants make these youth-killers illicit?  Battlefields of slaughter persist with color-coding, racist religionism fanning the flames of war. Airborne chemical and radioactive emissions blown across the world grotesquely deform and abort with miscarriages–with women afraid of pregnancy.  In war, combat parents and those trapped in crossfire in illegal modern war zones get the brunt of these lethal agents.
There is no glory in racist wars. Aggression is gory violence chasing violence.  You can run but it will find you–in the air, in the seas, in the land–buried in virulent waste. Misguided testosterone energizing hatred is the fuel, the force behind the force that blows up our planet–our only sustenance. Why do men in Congress out number nurturing women who are more interested in education and health for their children than in blowing youths up in combat?  War munitions are the bane of the world–lock, stock and barrel controlling power and greed.
It was John Newton, a former slave captain who transported humans in chains during the middle passage also known as Maafa, the great triangular trade disaster at the point of a gun. Lyrics to the hymn The Amazing Grace was published in 1779 (same year race was invented), by evangelist minister John Newton an ex-slave ship captain. The melody haunted him–the sound of exhausted galley slaves imprisoned as they sang in their own language while plying oars within sweat-filled bottoms of boats.                   
Some people of African descent say they are not from Africa.  But residents of this continent captured for export like bails of cotton first came from Africa and were then taken to America, Portugal and other European countries as well as West Indian Caribbean ports.  At the most powerful Elmina Castle Fortress at Accra, Africa during the height of the slave trade, thousands were chained down in deep dungeons before being forced onto ships of commerce. During the interim, the governor who lived at the castle periodically raped the women in its high tower­ before they were sent on their way during the Mid-Atlantic slave trade. When slavery was at last being phased out, especially by the British, slavers–to prevent them from being caught in the act–would force helpless, miserable people into the waves or in kegs like human cargo to the depths of the sea in fettered iron, with the sick and weak also disposed of like refuse from a ship.  But many escaping cruelty of their shipmasters went willingly to their death, their last jump to freedom.
"Whites" believed people in bondage had no souls.  Yet these experts in agriculture of raising cotton, rice, and Indigo, were captured for their expertise in farming–disgraceful disparity of racism by the top of the made-up hierarchy judging who had souls and who did not–false pandering to the lowest instincts of man. These African men and women forced into free labor increased profits with infants born into the gruesome system, all laboring to the  advantage of their masters. During the holocaust of the Mid-Atlantic slave trade toddlers and their grandparents were left behind to fend for themselves in an economy of abject poverty.
Yeas ago William Ernest Henley wrote Invictus:

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods my be
For my unconquerable soul . . . .
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul

Chained in bondage the young and the strong were loaded into boats of human export, as baptizers threw buckets of water over them, with an interpreter demanding, "Now you're Christians and must obey us as God tells you to."
During America's 1861-65 Civil War 700,000 lives could have been saved if Congress would have prohibited slavery as England's Parliament did between 1807 and 1838.  In vain Senator Aaron Burr spoke passionately before Congress to ban "black" bondage in America in the 1700s, prior to running for president. Although he inherited a few slaves, he taught them to read and write and then freed them. In 1600 a myth was started–“one drop of black blood” makes an African. Yet this quantitative device pertained not to other blood!  Fe, fi, fo, fum, not even to the blood of an Englishman. 
Race and religion continue to fuel the three original Semitic persuasions–Hebrew (through Isaac) Christian (through David, Matthew 1:16-17) and Muslim (through Ishmael)– all stemming from Abraham and Jesus, according to tradition. Due to rival color chaos, Earth (capitalized for respect) and its peoples have died from excruciating slaughter and torture–"business as usual" when it comes to religious, color wars.  It should make one red or blue in the face from the very history of race still ignored.
African Americans have always resisted and revolted from slavery. Two modern-day philosophers summed up this evil behavior that continues to this day, in spite of a war that involved slavery followed by American Africans emancipated, at least on paper.  Daniel O'Connell wrote, "American side of the color-line elevates whites–no matter how wretched–over blacks." David Walker described "white people" as "unjust, unmerciful, avaricious, and blood thirsty" –what so-called "red" and "yellow" people, as well as "brown," also found out. Although Jim Crow laws are no longer legal, they still taint an American culture that is uncivilized regarding the injustice of war. Here are a few human reminders.
In 1995 Coroner Cyril Wecht from Pittsburgh confirmed that five "white thugs"–known for viciously taunting so-called minorities–committed police brutality through suffocation. These cops stopped a Syracuse New York American African businessman, Jonny Gammage, who had borrowed a Jaguar belonging to his cousin, an NFL player. Gammage was accused of braking along an unfamilar winding road.                  
The victim tried to call for help, but his cell phone was knocked out of his hand.  In a struggle the cops jumped the driver, handcuffed him, and beat him with their clubs, a metal flashlight, and a leather blackjack. Five bullies held him down and exerted extreme pressure on his head and neck. He died unarmed.  After five charges of homicide and two mistrials the militants were released.  The ringleader went back to work and received a promotion at his precinct known for demeaning African Americans unmercifully.
This tragedy was committed with no one around to hear blatant, flagrant barbarity as ruthless, out-of-control men bludgeoned their victim. An innocent young man died that night on a dark road–"guilty" for driving while "black."  Lurking underneath this crime is a corrupt police system that holds one's job dependant upon a monthly quota of arrests, stops, and summons. When "white" officers are bigoted against dark complexioned American Africans and Hispanics (Spanish, America Indian, Mexican heritage), innocent people become targets and are incarcerated unjustly, with the US having more prisons than schools.
In 2013 after eons of similar murders, a self-appointed "white" neighborhood guard stalked and fatally shot an American African teenager, Trayvon Martin who was unarmed in Sanford, Florida. While returning to his father's house from a nearby store on a dark night–he died, "guilty for walking while "black."
Another high school student, Kendrick Johnson, an American African from Valdosta, Georgia, was mysteriously found dead in a rolled up wrestling mat–reported accidental.  When his parents had his body exhumed his organs were missing and replaced with crumpled newspapers. His head revealed trauma from a deathblow.  There was blood nearby.  A cut and spliced security video, with missing frames, revealed a person behind the deceased who was running across the school gym floor. The "white" racist volcano still erupts in America, what triggers backlash revenge–why color-coding, that provokes murders and youth-killing wars, needs to be exposed as the world's deadliest deceit.
Why is a white lie small and a black lie big? Today race is stereotyped, as was Little Black Sambo who caused a restaurant chain to close.  The real question is why was Little Black Sambo in a children's book characterized as black. Little Lord Fauntleroy was not titled "Little White Lord Fauntleroy" and was pictured wearing clothes, with Sambo practically naked!  One picture is worth a thousand words.
Racist venom against American Africans and subsequently Africa itself was used falsely to justify prohibition from voting–residents from a beautiful continent smeared as being stupid or simple through crude graphics.  Famous athletes labeled “black,” such as basketball player Michael Jordan, have been banned from “white” clubs, just as early restaurant signs read, "No Indians or Dogs Allowed," as country clubs used to post "Gentiles Only."  Other clubs banned Italians and other people of dark complexion. It was also unpopular for Italians and the Irish, often called black, to fraternize outside the clan.
Sadly identification via term “blacks” disfranchises darker complexioned people from human rights, their original culture and the continent of Africa itself. First Americans and American Africans have had their inherited names erased and replaced by rival colors.  Should the term, human race, be obliterated.  "Black" is historical code for slave–a negative word that conjures up  black list, black market, blackmail, blackheart, black mark, and black farcical humor that is derisive.  Calling human beings "blacks" even sounds bad.  Historically, many different nationalities were "blackened" to demean people.
When people of dark complexion apply for membership at private clubs and are blackballed, even though African Americans are hired to work at these organizations,  the excuse goes something like this, "We're not against blacks.  We just don't want them in our club."  Even the celebrated singer, Marian Anderson, had to enter Carnegie Music Hall when she was a guest entertainer–through a back door since she was African American nationality. (Race also means nationality.) Wilcox County in Georgia had segregated proms as late as 2013. The students now see themselves as Americans, a consistent term across the board.
If we would use our own national or continental origins as identification when necessary, there would be no violent racism. How can anyone hate an entire continent of Africa!  You can call yourself anything you want. But when a person color-codes others with derogatory words, there will always be trouble.   All colors are beautiful in the eye of the beholder, but racial colors have picked up loathsome connotations. So what is the beef?  Cattle are not pegged as colors.  Instead they are classified as to their inherited regions–such as Holstein, Jersey, Hereford, and Angus. Dogs and cats are identified by pedigrees or breeds such as Labrador Retriever and Poodle–all capitalized.  But human beings are color-coded for hierarchical classification, what provokes wars.
It may take a white-out or a black-out to wean man off race. Stuck in a rut with “black” and “white” rivalry is a disease of the mind–"skin supremacism"– a malady of pale people historically shackled to the fear of dark skin? Oxford Dictionary states “white means fearful, coward" –reason alone for not being labeled "white."
Skin-tone results from ancestors living close to or far from the equator. There is no scientific evidence for any race gene (Encyclopedia Britannica). Anthropologists claim 20,000 years for pigment to become part of DNA among original people. Tanning is temporary, unless children are born of parents having different amounts of pigment. By the way, according to genetics, dark melanin is dominant over so-called "white" characteristics­­–why all humanity will reflect one common hue, since people are now permitted to marry whomever they love without disparage or cast as inequality. So why not fast-forward to end all foolish racism now? 
Everyone is similar in tone on palms of hands and soles of feet. From man's beginning these physical areas rarely saw the sun–what started the difference in skin tones in the first place. People wore little or no clothing with their skin all one hue. As human migration moved away from the equator to colder regions, warm clothing became quintessential for survival.
Skin tone graduates from light to dark in India, a cast-off system that Indo-Europeans invented.  In African people of the rainforest have lighter complexions than those in desert regions. Other physical features also mutate through migration. On Easter Island primitive Polynesians discriminated regarding their ears. Short Ears eventually killed off all the Long Ears!
Black and white reflect prismatic values, not colors–white is made of light, as black is devoid of light. Another name for Caucasian is albinism, a "white" person who lacks pigment. Black, white, and color rhetoric baffles most people. Calling people "blacks" and "whites" is in one's face!
Why do people use adverbs “black” and “white” instead of nouns for human beings? I contacted the Associated Press since it covers most of the world and discovered the AP follows the University of Chicago Press stylebook.  Their word manual was updated in 2003, a watershed word moment.  At that time original “black” was changed, to “African American,” although pure “white” was still recommended in the same handbook since Caucasians enjoy being referred to as "pure." Many presses seldom consult new additions of their handbook guides with employees not aware that "black" is out and African American is in.
 If the Chicago Press would change the controversial definition for the word, race to nationality it would help all minorities socially, economically, and spiritually. Race  is no genie and can be stuffed back into the bottle.  Similar to brass cuspidors, now obsolete antiques, these spittoons no longer are used since they were public health hazards as race still is today.
In 1965 the Vatican finally admitted slavery is "infamy"–a crime against people of Indian and African descent. In 1967 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “War is the enemy of the poor . . . .  Militant, racist, zionist colonialism and injustice cause America its spiritual death."  Years ago I visited the gravesite memorial of W.E.B. DuBois, American African educator and founder of the NAACP (color-coding title).  I was the only so-called "white" person to be invited to go to Ghana, Africa,  a trip sponsored by the Urban League in Pittsburgh.  This great man looked forward to the day when skin color was no longer an issue.” And it was James Kellner, a chairman of Turner Broadcasting System, who wrote,

"My hope is that one day we all come together and not see color as it relates to race. Judge not people by the color their skin."

     Among the greatest prophets of the world were Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and Gandhi, and the Dali Lamae. Confucius, once called yellow, advised, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do to you”–a universal belief echoed by all wisdom keepers. Mother Theresa from Macedonia and the famous hugging Amma from India, as well as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela who endured 67 years in prison after opposing the dreadful apartheid, all had complexions different from so-called "white people." It is paradoxical irony that much of the world worships dark-complexioned  "gods" while at the same time tries to prevent their descendants from having equal human rights.
     When people call extraterrestrials from outer space "green"–whom no one has ever seen–it just confirms man's fetish for color-coding human beings. Figuratively, Lady Liberty hangs her head in shame as millions of combat soldiers lie in graves from the historic past, after suffering brain injuries, amputations, and suicides from madness of racist color-coding aggression that fuels wars. In Flanders Field the poppies grow, between the crosses row by row–no matter what persuasion. Lady Liberty may be copper green, but no one calls her green!  The false face called race brings nothing but trouble and sorrow.

 ‘We feel invincible crushing little brown, black, and yellow people . . . All we see are little green men running across our screen . . . We drop bombs like rain leaving scorched Earth and broken dreams . . .  we just react and kill to stay alive.”

–courtesy of Jose Vasquez: medic, nurse in Iraq; now a conscientious war objector in a new career involving anthropology 

copyright © 2012

A new line dance with lyrics and dance.  Introduce it to your favorite social group.

Turn your right palm up.   Turn your left palm up,
Shake and shout,  “We’re all the same!”
Embrace!  Embrace! There’s no such thing as race!
Do the wakey, shakey
Turn yourself around and join in all the fun,
Arms up! And celebrate the sun!

Turn your right sole up, Turn your left sole up,
Shake and shout, “We’re all the same!”
Embrace! Embrace! There’s no such thing as race!
Do the wakey, shakey
Turn yourself around and join in all the fun,
Arms up!  And celebrate the sun!