Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The irony of war pride is that each side of conflict believes its own god has the power to lead them to victory.  Their prayers are sent to these deities for making them a winning side. Through all this turmoil of hell the women whose children are sacrificed as offerings to their gods on battlefield alters or on urban war zones only want only their children's lives protected and preserved. Unfortunately combat soldiers are always in harms way with many committing suicide and suffering from brain damage.  Too,  children of parents who handle toxic chemicals and radioactive bombs and missiles can give birth to grossly deformed babies in generational genocide.  Instead of winning peace through negotiation, communication and sincere deals, this mission creep that began with missionaries sent to indigenous reservations against First Americans' will, speeds on in secret world-wide wars. Women take pride in their sons and daughters, but they  have their own reservations when it comes to sacrificing their children in foreign  civil wars and secret battles that are not fought for American freedom. America is already a free nation.

The cruel savage sacrifice of babies for fire offerings to the gods go back to cave days when neanderthal man knew nothing about science and reacted in fear and superstition–the earliest form of religion.  Surprisingly this tradition is a lasting one. Then, as now, it was a man's world with the lion king ruling all, then a way of beastly nature.  We can only imagine what it was like for a new mother trying to hide her new born. At that time men in fear of the natural world surmised that the deities were angry.  They felt they must appease them with human flesh,  And a defenseless baby would put up the less fight. In our own mind we can conjure up the echo within a cave of feet coming closer and closer as the new mother clutched her child to her breast in total fright.  Then her baby was grasped from her through violence and terrorism.  We all know the age-old sacrifice of youths. It's a frequent told story of Abraham ready to torch his son Isaac for the gods of war,  Fortunately his conscience, meaning with science, kicked in!  The World must lighten up and shed its primitive inherent behavior so that young people internationally will have better futures than shooting one another from lack of education and better parenting. 

World Enlightened News, W.E.N.
Helene, author of Entire Songbird Angels For International Peace, musicians writing lyrics for peace, not  wars