Thursday, November 10, 2016


With Donald J. Trump president elect the American voice is at last heard after decade after decade of elitist New World Order climaxing after the Bush-Clinton "Insider" imperialism no longer in power attempt to eliminate the working class out of jobs so the top class will be paid for by the remains of the middle class as the bottom rung of the hierarchical ladder lives in poverty. Big bank Wall Street power must never again be thrust against the rest of the United States.

At last there is a good chance to put America First. But first the dissenting protesters will have to tame their anger and hatred and use their energy in making America great.  Rampant racist chaos began in America ever since colonial England planted bondage of human being from Africa in the United States and surrounding islands in the 1600s.  Unfortunately with the American Revolution the founding fathers decided to protect their inherited lucrative Atlantic trade enslavement of human beings.

This evil history has left its black mark on the victims and their ancestors with them still suffering from the genocidal abuse as American Africans, as did the enslavement of  American Indians that never was successful since they refused to give up their free life style living in nature. As a result many committed suicide.

When we at last stop color-coding one another, there will be peace replacing the black clouds of animosity. We got over pegging human beings as red and yellow.  Now rival black and white must go since different nationalities are at last permitted to marry, thus making each generational DNA eventually a neutral tone with no one in time able to separate humanity by complexion. This nemesis of the world, with Goddess Nemesis still demanding revenge in wars, must go.

This history does not make for a great America. Therefore we all have a calling to get over racism started by a German in 1779 J. F. Blumenbaugh who influenced Hitter to commit the inhumane tragedy of the the Jewish Holocaust, what happened to the American Indigenous people in their Holocaust. Man is his worst enemy.

May we all be humble and bring a new spirit and goal to making America truly great as a model for the rest of the world.  Donald J. Trump adamantly opposed the Bush Iraqi War in 2003 that unleashed extremist Muslim decapitation by Jehadists against the good Muslims and the rest of the world. This illegal  International Law violation against a sovereign nation ushered in the most terrorism and violence that the world has ever seen with genocidal bombs.  We must now work together to defeat this evil, as the inhumane Inquisition and bloody Crusades of the past were at last smothered by ashes of revenge. 

Helene, World Enlightened News  W.E.N.

author of two new books Songbird Angels For International Peace, a shocking revelation of global musicians for centuries writing lyrics against war and Where Eagles Fly, a love story about a veteran and his homeless friends living on the streets of Jacksonville, FL,  both books are dedicated to war veterans AND Doctors Without Borders for peace. (

Virgil, born in 70 BCE wrote, "There's  No safety in War." Mahatma Gandhi said real peace can only come from the inside of each of us striving to save Earth our Mother from an early death from man-made toxic weaponry swiftly creating the most carbon in the lower atmosphere with wars the grossest gas guzzlers.