Monday, November 7, 2016


"Vote for Trump and no one will know but you!" I just left the Democratic party since it is undemocratic. Even its top candidate and her cronies sabotaged Bernie Sanders. We all know this through Wiki Leaks. Otherwise the feds would keep its secret frauds to itself. We the people of America should be thankful for whistle blower, Daniel Ellsberg, who exposed the Nixon Water Gate Pentagon Papers.  Now the Hillary FBI Gate is unleashed upon the United States of America with steroids, as Wiki Leak founder Julian Assange exposed Hillary's bad experienced deals.  The highest office of the government hell-bent promised Hillary Clinton who is careless and reckless in foreign affairs, etc to uphold everything POTUS did, quid pro quo.  Thus the "Insider" government campaigned for her, the first president to do this in the history of America. The Bush's and the Clinton's known as "The Insiders" believe in an elitist government steeped in New World Order that wants to eliminate the middle class and support the big bank bucks that Hillary used indiscriminately.

I voted for Barack Obama twice but now I too am dismayed by the collusion with the Clintons' who carry heavy baggage of scandals with them where ever they go.

I had followed Bernie Sanders ever since he was a regular guest on the Thom Hartmann show and Democracy Now! But Hillary, who refuses to change her nasty ways,  crushed him so badly he succumbed to her control. Now his supporters are disillusioned and frustrated. Why was he so loyal to his adopted party that betrayed him? 

When anyone is married to even an opposition party that destroyed him and used his entire career platform by stealing it, there's something wrong with this black mark picture.

Helene, World Enlightened News W.E.N.