Friday, November 11, 2016


The people have spoken for centuries to bring international peace down from the Heavens where the sun of the mythological god Jupiter worshiped his sun of God that brings the dark Earth warmth and brilliance.
Today I have historically dedicated my life's work for peace to wounded soldiers and combat troops who are sacrificed and bear the brunt of aggression committed by leaders for greed of other nation's land, resources and power and for their control, such as oil.

After researching and writing over 50 published books all based on history and the arts, my latest essay is Songbird Angels For International Peace (new revised post November 8, 2016–

I have also donated my career's work to the Internet for the entire world to realize the extensive scope of global musicians writing and singing lyrics that are sincere and often shocking as to whom the are.

All man's wars have millions of lyrics that plead for peace instead of aggression in countries interfering in foreign civil wars and proxy ones so complex those involved don't realize their allies are also their enemies in arms exchanges.

For years I have marched in veterans parades while playing in a fife and drum band of music to honor all men and women. Over 400 women fought in the U.S. Civil War, disguises as men.  All protective Armed Forces are honored on this day and every day.

But history records that Virgil born in 70 B.C.E. wrote "There is no safety in war."  This wisdom makes us think how necessity it is to make friends instead of foes. Education is the key to inspire youths not to join extremist leaders who hate and destroy all forms of life.

Helene, World Enlightened News W.E.N.

author of Fission Fusion Fission, the Making of the H-Bomb with Los Alamo's nuclear physicist at his request to co-write this book. Bill was the friend and employee of Stanislaw Ulam and Edward Teller.  Bill Beyer is honored in Los Alamos for believing in international peace. He and and many of his cohorts never embraced the using of the inventions of nuclear bombs on humanity and all forms of life.  They were only doing what POTUS at that time hired them to do.