Saturday, November 12, 2016


Stopping this extremely excessive loss would lessen the national debt and allow every student to freely attend  community colleges and vocational tech schools.  For centuries this money has gone down the drain as tax payers have to pay the over burden.

Religious entities paying property taxes would become special good will and grace for equality sharing.  Consider such revenue charity, to get America out of serious debt and bring free education for millions of students who wished to have better paying jobs.

The people themselves would take pride in making America a stronger, more powerful nation.  It could be the new patriotic thing to do that would also make the United States greater since it is right now buried in the Middle East chaos and strife over religious civil wars that cost taxpayers trillions of dollars for toxic explosives and weaponry. This environmental pollution also causes sad birth defects to combatant parents–what the government and the media refuse to publish. 

Remember Agent Orange in the Vietnam War.  The new wars also deform infants and often abort them since they have missing arms and legs and sometimes two heads!  How more gross can war get?  No one sees this sinful corruption accept through the world wide web.

Helene, World Enlighten News W.E.N.
author of Songbird Angels For Peace, global musicians and their lyrics for international harmony  –the newest of her 51 published books based on history and the arts. Songbird Angels is donated to the Internet for the world to read.