Friday, December 1, 2017


America is witnessing a revolution in balancing the male world into a one of gender equality. Women no longer put up with anything from wolf call whistles to unwanted " feely-touchy." The office is no longer a power house of males thinking they can control women. Now that the truth is out, thinking men will no longer think they can rule the female gender. Women now have their god-given rights, They no longer tolerate bad behavior.  A word to the wise is sufficient.  But on the other hand most men grow up.  They get it now. So let's not regress to when young men sometimes made bad  decisions, now making them lose their jobs and careers as former action affects the entire family.  Recently a friend said that it doesn't help the work force when women dress in a sexually provocative manner.  Conditioned, programmed society, has been the status quo in a man's world for eons of time  Korea should be taking up the dangerous international situation, instead.  There needs to be a debate on how did America get herself involved so badly in the nuclear problem. Is it equality of power as to who threatens with nuclear bombs, power nations or those trying to compete?  Remember our history of testing nuclear bombs, producing them and the first to use them such as genocide in Japan?  First Americans also suffered after nuclear testing at their reservations and making untold numbers of indigenous people sick and dying from cancer, too.  For years these locations, all at reservations, were indicated with graphic red warning signs in atlases. Now its covered up.  In recent years nuclear waste is dumped in their reservations increasing the poor heath issue.  So we all see there are more urgent problems than sex harassment now squelched due t o women not tolerating this abuse any more. It no longer is acceptable.Now

Helene C. Smith, World Enlighten News, W.E.N.
author of Fission, Fusion, Fission, written at request of Bill Beyer, nuclear physicist at Los Amos,  labs, friend and employee of Stanislaw Ulam, co-founder with Edward Teller of the hydrogen bomb