Tuesday, December 12, 2017


? The United States enormous deficit has become dangerously encumbering to the government. This  weight on American shoulders could be paid off –most of its debt or all of its  debt– by churches (especially mega ones) and other religious organizations.  In times of such stress we all must share accountable for property taxes. The enormous deficit certainly doesn't make for greatness.  There are  no "United Churches" even though President Trump said that in one of his addresses. Churches all are led by their own biased dogmas and ideologies and are not united as a whole.  Charity begins at home. It is not fair or honest to shirk one's own responsibility for paying property taxes with the rest of the nation overburdened. What is more, any one or group in America can start their own biased-tax free property. Did missionaries pay the First Americans for the land they chose to build their churches, which the original landowners rejected?  Those who chose to immigrate to the New World to avoid the domineering Church of England became persecutors themselves. They cut off the braids of Indian school children and wouldn't allow them their own ideology, as they destroyed the youths art forms and craft work.  Puritans colonists forced indigenous people foreign  holy words and couldn't care less about the original people whose lands were holy. The newcomers dominated with an iron-clad hand.as they stole property on land that that they took over. Today church authoritarians get a free pass on property taxes on all the street corners of America. It's over time that churches pay their share of property taxes, charity for their fellow men who have for eons of time supported these taxes.  Historically this is due to one church member of Congress deciding to make his and all other church property tax exempt. And the fundamental Congress passed one man's suggestion because most of the members at that time were elementary, too.

World Enlighten News, W.E.N.
Helene C. Smith, activist for peace through fairness and equality