Monday, March 5, 2018


One of my blog readers wrote, "I agree with you, Helene, but how do world citizens demand action to make the changes that are essential?"  We must look to the youths who are inheriting eons of our historic  mistakes that go around in vicious primitive circles.  Youths are not our future.  They are their own future. There is a new group formed by young men, and probably women too in high schools.  Many of these youths are also youthful soldier veterans who get sick from toxic ammunition and weaponry loaded with nuclear radioactive waste that deforms their children.  If they survive wars they suffer from shell shock of the brain, disguised as post traumatic stress symptoms from the past mistakes of senior citizens regarding guns and ammo.  They are very vociferous and speak emphatically without being afraid to use harsh words. They mean it.  The young people are not going to tolerate bad behavior that is killing them in school attacks and younths on combat urban zones through the sins of government commission and omission.  Thank you reader for your sincere comment.

Bill Maher on his TV show Our Time, interviewed two teen-age boys still in high school. They have started their own group to counteract adults who call youths "our future."  These young people it's their future, not the jaded older people used to spinning their wheels going around and around in political circles.  They have taken the bull by the horn and aren't putting up with adult sins of commission and omission. They aren't tolerating the fact that youths in schools are being shot down by savage guns and young soldiers in combat zones are dying from radio-active waste loaded with toxic chemicals as combat parents are suffering from deformed children, victims of chemical poision and weaponry.  Their rallying cry is "Save us from violence and terrorism by denying us protection from outlaws of aggression.  And many times it is one persuasion dominating other faiths to put themselves first   All nations ant to be first. 

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