Friday, December 23, 2016


One caller asked C-Span's book writer guest why may US kill Muslims but Muslims in turn may not kill Americans–meaning Christians. He responded–"The chicken and the egg."  What came first. But as a historian I ponder–that depends upon what historic scene one opens in the annals of history.  Both sectarian extremist sides have been slaughtering for centuries of counter terrorism as their absolutist leaders have been conditioned and programmed for brutal faith wars.  What the Jews and :Palestinians are still doing, although they may be at last seeing the light for a two nation solution. The big three original related faiths are Semitic religions continuing to fuel world violence. 

One woman called in and suggested for homeland security to provide hot lines where people can call this agency to report suspicious action. He agreed by responding "See something, Tell some one."

This is where International Law and its Criminal Court (ICC) must enter the theater of war. The world is no longer a slingshot, sword, dagger, musket ball, cannon ball arsenal of hatred.  The United States and other power nations intimidate for potency with nuclear bombs and radioactive nose-cone missiles a threat often carried out. The US alone has  enough nuclear power in its own arsenal to blow up precious planet Earth and all forms of life a multitude of times. No president has the right to any nuclear code.  Even the inventors of the atomic bomb and the H-bomb didn't approve of them genocidally destroying humanity!

One thing the Pentagon is attempting to do is eliminate many US military bases with a history of thousands being abandoned, leaving behind toxic accumulative foreign wastelands with no money or intent to clean up the poisonous mess other than sometimes burning it causing toxic cancer-causing emissions. One good thing is it trains foreign armies to fend for themselves and their own safety.  This way millions of US troops can return home for domestic help against drastic climate change as industrial militant war explosives and fracting (euphemism for fracturing) increase earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Drones also cause contentious international retaliation that involves endless civil war counter terrorism among sectarian governments. They, too, bring on unintentional deaths among civilians

Therefore the next step is the Netherlands Hague where all nations have representation for judging punitive action and stiff finds to stop radical extremest murders that amount to genocide. The Iraqi war was a serious blunder ushering in ISIS that joined with the Iraqi Army after the Bush-Cheney  Administration was immediately fired what in turn fired up hatred from instant constant revenge.

One good thing President Obama did was to end conventional wars by instead using strategic drones that take the place of dumb bombs, one of his promises. However, his attempt to wean the United States off endless proxy wars and arms exports, for reform, was too rushed for people to change, a slow, slow social lag, one of his campaign promises.  He says the Bush Iraqi War is generational. Since the big tree Abraham religions continue their sectarian civil wars that the US is entangled in through foreign intervention may take centuries as did the extremist radical Christian Crusades and their inhumane Inquisition.

The Goddess Nemesis always gets her revenge in the tragedy of war,  unless International Law is enforced with its Criminal Court.

World Enlightened News    author of Songbird Angels For International Peace, Cry For Peace! through Create Space and Fission Fusion Fission, at request of co-author Bill Beyer, Los Alamos nuclear physicist–the making of the H-bomb