Tuesday, December 20, 2016


International Law and the ICC represents the responsibility of all nations on this planet.  No country can wimp out of law and order by weakly saying "We don't want to join hands of the world against violence and terrorism."  All nations on this planet have to be accountable for their criminal behavior or else be rocketed to another planet!

NO!–INTERNATIONAL LAW DOESN'T  APPLY TO AFRICAN NATIONS ALONE.  When any world  leader commits a crime by being a "white " supremest or other racist activity the law must kick in.

How is this done? By the United Nations of Earth publishing the names of the culprits to go after them with vigor. The enemies of the enemies know who they are and where they hide out.  They will soon be flushed out by heroes who receive medals of honor, prestige, prominent positions or what ever it takes to bring about peaceful law and order.  It's not more killing of babies and young war-torn soldiers that the world needs–not more armies of enemies of youths killing more armies of youths to please those polluted by money, control and power.

The ring leaders are not old cronies, but instead uneducated. ignorant bully apocalyptic ring leaders in their twenties tainting other youths' minds with arrogant dogma that for centuries preaches fake racism and absolutist beliefs that corrupt absolutely.  And we all know who they are but don't want to admit it since it involves our own foibles and prejudices, ongoing religious wars that cause swamps of pollution against Earth's environment. 

International communication reveals the villains and they and/or their families must pay the cost of adjudication and sentencing to fund enforcement of International Law and the ICC. Photos of the murders must be published worl-wide, with the Middle East taking command of the genocide to bring radical extremist jihadists under severe sentencing.  Perhaps King Hammurabi law code of Mesopotamia in area of Iraq could be a reminder.. Something drastic must be done to stop endless world extremist religious violence.  The planet should not go through senseless absolutist slaughter all over again.

Christian Crusades and the Christian torturous Inquisition finally ended by law and order when the Roman Empire's Catholic Church lost its inhumane power after centuries of Ecclesiastic deaths.  Man (short for human) no longer lives in the ancient past.  Now Islam, the newest Abraham religion on the street, is casting terrorism and violence on the world stage.  Its power must be slashed, too, before all Earth's humanity is crushed. Islam's own non-extremists play the major part to make this reform successful. Plato wrote those who don't know their history remain children their entire lives. And George Santayana wrote those who can't remember their history are condemned to repeat it.

Bill Clinton signed the US treaty to become a responsible member of International Law but G.W, Bush broke the treaty.  He said soldiers might be prosecuted.  What he really meant his own head was on the block for committing war crimes in the Iraqi illegal war that attacked a sovereign nation.

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